An Interview With / The Penny Antics /

The Penny Antics - Guilty PleasuresSo glad to bring this back! An Interview With is a series which I would love to bring to EHS a lot more, but due to having a proper job that isn’t involved in music takes up a lot of time (and I’ve recently started a long term save as Manager of Chelmsford City in Football Manager 2016, but less said about that the better [I’m doing really well, currently 4th in the league]) so I’m unable to get out there to do my thang properly. HOWEVER, the latest interview comes from fellow Essex band The Penny Antics who I raved about not too long ago because of their solid new single ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Huge thanks to Lewis from The Penny Antics for taking the time to answer these questions, and also a big thanks to you for reading. Much love to you all.

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Hot New Bands / #5 / The Penny Antics

The Penny Antics - Guilty PleasuresHOT NEW BANDS is a series in which a particular band gets bigged up by yours truly every (nearly every) Wednesday. So far I’ve raved about No Hot Ashes, NARCS, Kassassin Street and Consolers, and today for the fifth addition to the list I’m very excited to proudly introduce you to THE PENNY ANTICS. These guys are a duo from my own home county of Essex and they perform a kind of grunge/punk rock that’s sure to get your blood pumping and your head banging. Awesome.

Having performed all over the place for the past year, The Penny Antics have been steadily growing a fanbase that appreciates their energetic and fist-pumpingly good live performances. They currently have a debut album in the works and their single Guilty Pleasures has a music video too. Sounds like these guys know how to get shit done. Continue reading “Hot New Bands / #5 / The Penny Antics”