Delphina Kings – Holding Me Up | Track Review


Upbeat music is great all year round, but it becomes extra special when the atmosphere around it matches. Right now it’s hotter than the sun and I am sweating just a little bit (hi ladies) and it’s great, all because I am listening to Holding Me Up, the debut single by Delphina Kings.

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Cool Cat by No Hot Ashes \ Track Review

No Hot Ashes - Cool Cat
Pretty cool looking cat.

WHEN: 29.04.2016
WHERE: Playing With Sound

In my 22 years of existence I have owned five cats. Four of them were lovely, fluffy little angels but the fifth, Meg, was a little rascal. She would scratch and claw and bite her way through life and left a lot of people’s good books rather briskly. She was the complete opposite of a cool cat – screw you Meg. ANYWAY, Manchester’s No Hot Ashes have returned with a new single titled Cool Cat, and after blowing my mind with debut single Goose some time ago, I am very excited to hear this.

No Hot Ashes are responsible for delivering some of the punchiest funk rock of 2016 and once again they come at us with a track that’s full of hard hitting drums, fuzzy guitar riffs and a whole lot of reasons to get dancing. This time round they have brought a new element however – mighty horns fill the airwaves with an upbeat, swelling groove that meanders it’s way through gritty vocals and crashing cymbals to add yet another
dimension to this promising band’s sound.

This horn section comes as a surprise but the band manages to pull it off as if it’s something that’s to be expected. This level of variety definitely gets the excitement levels rising and the way it works so well alongside the reasonably heavy instrumental makes it even better. Cool Cat is full of hooks, great riffs and vocal harmonies that can make even a reference to Tesco Express sound good.

Cool Cat definitely keeps the hype train chugging away into satisfaction station. Once again No Hot Ashes have proved that their knack for combining two genres forms a sound that is absolutely one to get excited about. These guys have succeeded at delivering the goods on their second whip-round, and I cannot wait to hear more from them this year. Good stuff.

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Hot New Bands \ #1 \ No Hot Ashes

Welcome to a brand new series called Hot New Bands! Yes this is probably a staple of all other music websites and blogs out there right now but with the amount of submissions received and connections made over the last three years of trying to write coherent sentences about good music I thought it was about time for me to jump on the bandwagon too. It’s an idea that’s pretty self-explanatory – this is all about showcasing some of the best new talents currently producing music at this very moment. You may have seen various reviews of losing my shit over a certain band so now I wish to make my voidance of literal bowels a little more regular. Once a week I will be writing very fondly of a certain band or artist whose music has tickled my fancy since the start of the year, and hopefully it all collate into one glorious playlist of epic proportions.

The first band to debut this new series has got to be No Hot AsNo Hot Ashes - Goosehes. These guys are a four piece band from Manchester and their sound is made up of elements of funk rock and hip hop to create something that’s gritty but also full of reasons to get dancing along to their songs. At the start of the month I raved quite strongly about their debut single Goose as it is offered up the perfect introduction to their possibly polarising blend of genres. The two genres come together nicely to produce a track that’s full of heavy guitar riffs, danceable basslines and all sorts of breakdowns, tempo shifts and guitar solos that all in all creates something that becomes a very confident way to say hello to the music industry.

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The Sound of Victory by Native Kings | Track Review

WHEN: 26.02.2016Native Kings - Sound of Victory
WHERE: Playing With Sound

Last week I reviewed the debut single by No Hot Ashes which was released by label Playing With Sound. It received a lot of love and attention and it made me really warm and fuzzy inside. The warmness mostly stemmed from PWS retweeting the review and throwing a lot of nice words towards me so today I’m reviewing the new single from another one of their bands Native Kings called The Sound of Victory. So basically, flattery gets you anywhere.

Native Kings are a trio from Liverpool and they’re known for delivering some catchy material thanks to their knack for performing the nicely titled “funky power punk”. This perfectly describes the sound of The Sound of Victory, as its punchy intro is full of bold melodies and a bassline that meanders right into your hips. This soon makes way for some impressive volumes as the band lay down a thick wall of distorted guitars which adds a real sense of grittiness to this groovy little number.

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Goose by No Hot Ashes | Track Review

WHEN: 23.02.2016
WHERE: Playing With Sound

Sometimes the music industry is like a game of Chinese whispers. There are some artists that allow me to pass on the whisper by recommending their song or album or whatever and sometimes there aren’t. One of the coolest things about getting involved in the game is that occasionally you could pass on the next big thing. I’ve had moments where I’ve been able to whisper about Girl Friend, M+A, Viola Beach (RIP) and today the game is going to continue because hey, you should probably check out No Hot Ashes.

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