The Academic – Mixtape 2003 | Track Review


The Academic are an Irish four-piece and this is their new single Mixtape 2003. I was 10 years old in 2003; unwillingly about to leave primary school and head into the scary world of secondary school which meant puberty, liking girls and puberty again came into full swing. My mixtape back then would have involved a lot of boybands my sisters liked, and possibly some Guns N Roses for good measure.

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Saint Agnes – Sister Electric | Track Review


Saint Agnes is a four piece from London and this is their latest track Sister Electric. I was turned on to these guys back in 2014 courtesy of their excellent track ‘A Beautiful Day For Murder’ with it’s ominous roundhouse kick of blues rock blowing my mind, so I’m very excited to hear this new track. I was also pleased to see that they too realise that weather’s very important when it comes to murderin’.

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Daisy Victoria – Animal Lover | Track Review


One of the biggest ways to get me to respond to a submission in the email inbox (which has since reached over +100 unread emails a day now, great) is if the artist/PR person sends me a personalised email. Just a simple hello and some nice words goes a long way in making my job a lot more enjoyable, and when most of the time I receive simple copy-and-pasted emails it certainly helps them stand out when there’s a bit of effort involved.

Daisy Victoria is somebody who did exactly that. Her email showed me how “mysterious and dark” she is and she also promised a “dick pic to follow”, which is fantastic. Thank you Daisy. Anyway, this this is her new single Animal Lover. I too am an animal lover, so I think I am in love with this lady.

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Single Review / Tosin Kuti – Double Deez / Hot New Bands #8

WHEN: 16.05.2016Tosin Kuti - Double Deez

Last year EHS hosted the #MovementMovement, a week long dedication to local acts from around Essex and London. A new act was bigged up on the website each day, and it was pretty awesome – easily one of my favourite things I’ve ever done as a music writer. One of the artists talked about was Bara Blaque, a London rapper who was part of The Koup, which is also the home of today’s artist: Tosin Kuti. Last July I reviewed his track ‘The Non Conscious Theory’ and was pleasantly surprised, and am equally pleased by the new single ‘Double Deez’.

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Hot New Bands / #7 / Shark Dentist

WHEN: 03.06.2016Shark Dentist - Florentine
WHERE: Ra-Ra-Rok

It’s been a little while since I’ve been to the Dentist. I used to go every 6 months thanks to Mummy’s persistence and hated it, though nowadays I have a kink for people sticking Latex gloves in my unwilling mouth. So it’s swings and roundabouts. Anyway, Shark Dentist are an emerging act from North London and this is their second single called ‘Florentine (Make Me Smile)’ and it’s pretty darn good. It’s certainly good enough to put a smile on your face. Continue reading “Hot New Bands / #7 / Shark Dentist”

Donuts by Beach \ Track Review

WHEN: 25.03.2016Beach - Donuts

Sometimes it’s necessary for people to turn a little bit bizarre for a couple weeks or so. I’ve had friends who have taken a funny turn for a while before returning back to their normal selves as if nothing happened. I’ve done it a couple times myself, whether that’s from making sure to eat pizza once a week for 3 months or that time I volunteered to not shower when I was in Amsterdam, and I will never live down the 2 weeks I was super into Carly Rae Jepsen.

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