The Mating Song by The Holy Gasp | Track Review

WHEN: 02.02.2016
The Holy Gasp - The Mating Song

As I’ve always said in the past, Canada is responsible for some of the strangest and greatest music I’ve ever heard since beginning this wonderful journey into splattering words together. This track is another example to further solidify the above as Toronto’s The Holy Gasp have delivered something that talks about the more complicated side of Fuc- making love. This is a topic that needs to be spotlighted further I believe, because the act of F’ing can be more of a collision of bodies then a nice display of laying down flowers and playing some Barry White at a just-about audible level on the record player. The track is called The Mating Song and goodness me, I think I need a lie down.  Continue reading “The Mating Song by The Holy Gasp | Track Review”