Johnny Foreigner – Mono No Aware | Album Review


Years ago I saw a good friend of mine achieve the wonderful feat of contributing some of his own words to a music website. That moment made me feel two things: 1. That’s pretty cool and 2. I wanna do that. Anyway this dude basically became something of an idol to me and that’s how we segway-through-all-of-the-creepy-details-to-get-to me experiencing the sounds of Johnny Foreigner way back in 2011. Their track ‘You vs Everything’ was somewhat of a summer anthem, and with their new album Mono No Aware now released, it’s like everything’s come full circle.

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Jobin by The Orielles | Track Review

WHEN: New EP – 25.03.2016The Orielles - Jobin
WHERE: Art Is Hard

It’s nice to hear new bands producing music that showcases their talents while also displaying just a little smidge of their potential too. The Orielles are a three piece band from Yorkshire and this is their latest single Jobin. These guys formed after meeting at a house party which is a pretty traditional setting for all ideas of forming band to take place – I think I’m currently in about five bands right now. After enjoying a very successful 2015 The Orielles have just released their new EP also titled Jobin on the 25th March, which means that this review of this track is relevant as hell. Awesome.

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