Check Out These EPs (They’re Really Good)

Since deciding to embark on a quest to become the greatest HelloHavard - Silly Thingsmusic writer a lot of my time
is spent listening to music in my bedroom til the early hours, but in that time I have become a fan of one particular release – The EP. The EP is a release that has been a little bit quiet in 2016 so far, so rather than waiting for it to come out of it’s shell/hibernation/the closest of musical obscurity, I’ve decided to list a couple EPs that deserves some extra attention. It’s almost like I’ve got a series dedicated to talking about good albums or something. Almost.

Silly Things by HelloHavard | I have been waiting for this to be released since last September when these two chaps dropped a couple nuggets of pop thunder onto my lap. HelloHavard are a Canadian band that offers a blended mix of pop, rock and punk to provide a smoothly produced sound that cannot fail to sip a smile on your pretty little face. Silly Things offers five tracks of sugary sweet pop goodness that’s complete with hooks upon hooks upon hooks, catchy instrumentals and a groove that grooves continuously. It’s great, and also not released until the 19th so you’ll have to take my word for it. Check out Trappers

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