Private Island – Sunbreak | EP Review


Private Island is a band comprising of SIX PEOPLE determined to knock your socks off and throw your feet to the dancefloor with the release of their second EP Sunbreak. These guys’ flair for indie rock and funk have gained them quite a bit of attention thanks to the release of some popular singles in the form of ‘Enough’ and ‘Drugs’, and now look to come in strong with this new EP.

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Attic Empire – Got Me Feelin’ | Track Review


I love a bit of good old fashioned funk. There’s something about music that aims to attack the hips that sits so right with me, and this is one of those tunes. Attic Empire is a six piece indie funk band from LA and this is their new single Got Me Feelin’.

This track has everything you could want to satisfy a craving for some feel good vibes. A walking bassline struts its way through the wah-wah heavy guitar riffs, the strong beat of the drums and the vocals caps things off by flowing perfectly against all this swinging music. Attic Empire throws all sorts of horns on top too, allowing them to dominate the airwaves with a strong gusto that fills the atmosphere with even more summery goodness.

Got Me Feelin’ is a superb song. Attic Empire have produced something that is full of bright, vibrant colours and comes packed with so many different levels of engaging riffs and sections that it’s quite hard not to fall in love with it. It’s great, I love it.

Hot New Bands / #6 / Hidden Charms / Cannonball Review

WHEN: 17.06.2016Hidden Charms - Cannonball

Groove is a wonderful thing. Since branching out a music taste that primarily stuck solely to the constraints of desert rock, I’ve had some kind of awakening that hey, it’s okay to dance. After suffering a traumatic experience at a family wedding in which I witnessed a relative point and laugh at me for my dancemoves (which to this day I contest were sweet) I decided that I would never try to dance again. A couple years passed and soon I found myself with no choice but to dance as I had suddenly picked up a music taste that featured a lot of basslines, riffs and beats that hit me right into the hips and the toes, and today I can announce proudly that I am back dancing again. Continue reading “Hot New Bands / #6 / Hidden Charms / Cannonball Review”