Self-Titled EP by From The Cave / EP Review

WHEN: 29.04.2016From The Cave EP

Y’know, there’s been some good music from us Brits this year, and this is another one. From The Cave are a five piece band from London and this is their new self-titled EP. These guys perform some kind of rock cocktail, taking influences from alternative to grunge to punk to produce something that makes me wanna drink it all up. Mmm, delicious.

The EP kicks things off with Night Hawk which offers a sweet Hawk sample alongside a sketchy guitar riff that’s equally moody and catchy, producing the strangest dance moves out of me. From The Cave throw down some sweet male/female vocal dynamics on top of the instrumental which really comes into full swing for the chorus which properly fills up the airwaves. It’s a very catchy listen, and definitely gets me in the mood to enjoy the rest of what’s to come. Continue reading “Self-Titled EP by From The Cave / EP Review”


Godot by Kovax | Track Review

WHEN: OUT NOWKovax - Godot

Kovax are an alternative rock band from Leeds and this is their debut single Godot. These guys started as short as late 2015 so they are fresh little babies and I’m here to give them all the love they need in order to grow up to be outstanding citizens of society. If you like the heaviness of Deftones and the huge anthemic choruses of Bring Me The Horizon then check these guys out.

Godot features an introduction that immediately kicks you in the face with an introduction that lashes out a beast of a guitar riff alongside drums that do not even know the meaning of inside voices. The vocals are a passionate soul complete with a strained throat and a whole lot of lyricism talking about somebody saying they’d come back. When I was a kid I used to wait for my Mum to return from her job at the hospital because she’d get me a can of Tango and right now I wish this song was around during the times I’d spend waiting by the window every Sunday. Unlike my mother it appears the person Kovax are talking about actually didn’t come back, which is pretty mean but does open a very melodic section of the song which adds another element to it.

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