White Lies – Take It Out On Me | Track Review


White Lies are back! As like many people here in the UK I fell in love with the band’s blend of gothic undertones and subtle disco hits which made albums like ‘To Lose My Life…’ and ‘Ritual’ so excellent. Their new track Take It Out On Me is a welcome return to that sound with hopes of another solid effort in the form of upcoming album ‘Friends’, out in October.

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Delphina Kings – Holding Me Up | Track Review


Upbeat music is great all year round, but it becomes extra special when the atmosphere around it matches. Right now it’s hotter than the sun and I am sweating just a little bit (hi ladies) and it’s great, all because I am listening to Holding Me Up, the debut single by Delphina Kings.

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M+A – Everything Will Be Alright | Track Review


M+A are an Italian duo and this is their new single Everything Will Be Alright. I became a huge fan of these guys after hearing the wonderful Anyway Milkyway EP last year, which featured some of my favourite summery tracks in ‘Do the Shout’ and ‘Habes’. If you haven’t heard M+A’s material before I would highly recommend you check out that EP, it’s seriously good.

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Everywhere – Some Other Dude \ Track Review


I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’ve always been one to let opportunities slip away, it’s one of the perks of suffering from anxiety every now and then. Whether it’s about a new job opportunity or the perfect moment to speak out to let yourself come across as a complete badass, the mind overthinks and suddenly the moment’s gone, never to return again. London band Everywhere have experienced something similar and have detailed it through the medium of their new single ‘Some Other Dude’, an excellent little pop number that’s funky as it is a little resentful.

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Single Review / Tosin Kuti – Double Deez / Hot New Bands #8

WHEN: 16.05.2016Tosin Kuti - Double Deez

Last year EHS hosted the #MovementMovement, a week long dedication to local acts from around Essex and London. A new act was bigged up on the website each day, and it was pretty awesome – easily one of my favourite things I’ve ever done as a music writer. One of the artists talked about was Bara Blaque, a London rapper who was part of The Koup, which is also the home of today’s artist: Tosin Kuti. Last July I reviewed his track ‘The Non Conscious Theory’ and was pleasantly surprised, and am equally pleased by the new single ‘Double Deez’.

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Hot New Bands / #7 / Shark Dentist

WHEN: 03.06.2016Shark Dentist - Florentine
WHERE: Ra-Ra-Rok

It’s been a little while since I’ve been to the Dentist. I used to go every 6 months thanks to Mummy’s persistence and hated it, though nowadays I have a kink for people sticking Latex gloves in my unwilling mouth. So it’s swings and roundabouts. Anyway, Shark Dentist are an emerging act from North London and this is their second single called ‘Florentine (Make Me Smile)’ and it’s pretty darn good. It’s certainly good enough to put a smile on your face. Continue reading “Hot New Bands / #7 / Shark Dentist”

Hot New Bands / #6 / Hidden Charms / Cannonball Review

WHEN: 17.06.2016Hidden Charms - Cannonball

Groove is a wonderful thing. Since branching out a music taste that primarily stuck solely to the constraints of desert rock, I’ve had some kind of awakening that hey, it’s okay to dance. After suffering a traumatic experience at a family wedding in which I witnessed a relative point and laugh at me for my dancemoves (which to this day I contest were sweet) I decided that I would never try to dance again. A couple years passed and soon I found myself with no choice but to dance as I had suddenly picked up a music taste that featured a lot of basslines, riffs and beats that hit me right into the hips and the toes, and today I can announce proudly that I am back dancing again. Continue reading “Hot New Bands / #6 / Hidden Charms / Cannonball Review”