HONNE – Warm on a Cold Night | Album Review


HONNE are a British electronic duo and this is their debut album Warm On A Cold Night. I have been anticipating the release of this record ever since hearing the wonderful single ‘Someone That Loves You’ which combined elements of electronica and soul to create something that’s rich in vibrancy and sensual feelings too. Awesome.

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Attic Empire – Got Me Feelin’ | Track Review


I love a bit of good old fashioned funk. There’s something about music that aims to attack the hips that sits so right with me, and this is one of those tunes. Attic Empire is a six piece indie funk band from LA and this is their new single Got Me Feelin’.

This track has everything you could want to satisfy a craving for some feel good vibes. A walking bassline struts its way through the wah-wah heavy guitar riffs, the strong beat of the drums and the vocals caps things off by flowing perfectly against all this swinging music. Attic Empire throws all sorts of horns on top too, allowing them to dominate the airwaves with a strong gusto that fills the atmosphere with even more summery goodness.

Got Me Feelin’ is a superb song. Attic Empire have produced something that is full of bright, vibrant colours and comes packed with so many different levels of engaging riffs and sections that it’s quite hard not to fall in love with it. It’s great, I love it.

2016: Good Albums | Part 8

Welcome to the latest addition of 2016: Good Albums! We’ve reached the halfway point of 2016 and have already listened to some records that will surely appear on numerous end of year lists. As always, below are a couple extra recommendations of recently released albums that have particularly tickled my fancy, and I hope they will tickle yours too. Some records are sexy, some are groovy, some are heavy, and the others are just as good too. Enjoy! Let me know what you think via the comments below, or via the Facebook and Twitter pages.

WILDFLOWER BY THE AVALANCHES | JULY 8TH | XL RECORDINGS | LOVE.LIKE.ALRIGHT: LOVE | The Avalanches returned to our eardrums after sixteen long years of being pretty silent. I believe I produced more sounds they did in that time. Thankfully they have blown all other noises out of the water with the release of their new album Wildflower. All manner of genres are blended together to create a record that’s bursting with colour, optimism and a whole lot of smiles for good measure too. From the ecstatic beginning of ‘Because I’m Me’ to the slick Danny Brown bars on ‘Frankie Sinatra’ all the way to the closing moments of ‘Saturday Night Inside Out’ this record makes for some damn good listening.

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Everywhere – Some Other Dude \ Track Review


I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’ve always been one to let opportunities slip away, it’s one of the perks of suffering from anxiety every now and then. Whether it’s about a new job opportunity or the perfect moment to speak out to let yourself come across as a complete badass, the mind overthinks and suddenly the moment’s gone, never to return again. London band Everywhere have experienced something similar and have detailed it through the medium of their new single ‘Some Other Dude’, an excellent little pop number that’s funky as it is a little resentful.

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Album Review / Swans – The Glowing Man

WHEN: 17.06.2016Swans - The Glowing Man
WHERE: Young Gods Records

Trilogies are usually very difficult to perfect. In my lifetime I’ve witnessed some excellent examples of the perfect trilogy (Back to the Future, LOTR) as well as a huge amount of poorly attempted ones (The Matrix, Iron Man and The Hangover movies). I do struggle to recall many trilogies occurring in the world of music however – obviously this is a feat that could only be attempted by Swans. Arguably the greatest behemoth in music today, Swans have been around longer than I have but have forever churned out solid efforts of how to produce sounds that dances gleefully at the extremes of music. Michael Gira and co have come together for the final time with new record ‘The Glowing Man’ symbolising the end of the band’s current incarnation, and a very worthy end to a scintillating trilogy of records.

The previous two records – 2012’s ‘The Seer’ and 2014’s ‘To Be Kind’ – were responsible for pushing Swans into the spotlight as the band determined to push the envelope as far as possible. With the new record boasting a timespan of over two hours and eight songs full of heavily layered and mind-warping instrumentation ‘The Glowing Man’ is certainly a record worthy of succeeding those, and as a way to say farewell.

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Pile / A Giant Dog / Album Review

WHEN: 06.05.2016A Giant Dog - Pile
WHERE: Merge Records

It goes without saying that Dogs are the greatest animals in the entire world. I have a dog called Susie and despite being deaf and seemingly unaware of everything in her surroundings she’s the sweetest little nugget I’ve ever known. A Giant Dog are another dog I’ve come to known and with their new album Pile, I think I love them too. Anything that starts off with opera singers is surely going to be great.

That’s right, A Giant Dog kick off their new album with Intro, a minute of pure opera at its most unexpected. This is quickly followed up with Creep, a track that abruptly enters the listener into a world of hard rock riffs and a ton of volume thrown behind it. It’s full of layers of sound that fortunately have some stellar production which means we’re able to hear all of the guitars and the drums and the bassline – which by the way adds in a solid groove amongst the distortion. Continue reading “Pile / A Giant Dog / Album Review”

Hot New Bands / #6 / Hidden Charms / Cannonball Review

WHEN: 17.06.2016Hidden Charms - Cannonball

Groove is a wonderful thing. Since branching out a music taste that primarily stuck solely to the constraints of desert rock, I’ve had some kind of awakening that hey, it’s okay to dance. After suffering a traumatic experience at a family wedding in which I witnessed a relative point and laugh at me for my dancemoves (which to this day I contest were sweet) I decided that I would never try to dance again. A couple years passed and soon I found myself with no choice but to dance as I had suddenly picked up a music taste that featured a lot of basslines, riffs and beats that hit me right into the hips and the toes, and today I can announce proudly that I am back dancing again. Continue reading “Hot New Bands / #6 / Hidden Charms / Cannonball Review”