Private Island – Sunbreak | EP Review


Private Island is a band comprising of SIX PEOPLE determined to knock your socks off and throw your feet to the dancefloor with the release of their second EP Sunbreak. These guys’ flair for indie rock and funk have gained them quite a bit of attention thanks to the release of some popular singles in the form of ‘Enough’ and ‘Drugs’, and now look to come in strong with this new EP.

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Jaunt – Chat | EP Review


Jaunt is a band from Toronto and this is their new EP Chat. The art of conversation is a wonderful thing, as it allows you to join words with a person of choice about whatever topic you please. From Brexit to Dip Dabs to the person you hate at work to something you saw on the Internet, you get to talk about all kinds of shit. In this conversation, we’re talking about how great Chat is.

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You Are Number Six – VHS Dreams | EP Review


You Are Number Six (or YANS) are a duo from France and this is their new EP VHS Dreams. These guys perform a kind of electronic music that brings a lot of everything going on from the 80’s into the modern day, and gets it sounding as glitchy as possible to really ramp up its gothic appeal. It’s very intriguing, and I’m particularly glad they’re on Tree Machine Records.

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Self-Titled EP by From The Cave / EP Review

WHEN: 29.04.2016From The Cave EP

Y’know, there’s been some good music from us Brits this year, and this is another one. From The Cave are a five piece band from London and this is their new self-titled EP. These guys perform some kind of rock cocktail, taking influences from alternative to grunge to punk to produce something that makes me wanna drink it all up. Mmm, delicious.

The EP kicks things off with Night Hawk which offers a sweet Hawk sample alongside a sketchy guitar riff that’s equally moody and catchy, producing the strangest dance moves out of me. From The Cave throw down some sweet male/female vocal dynamics on top of the instrumental which really comes into full swing for the chorus which properly fills up the airwaves. It’s a very catchy listen, and definitely gets me in the mood to enjoy the rest of what’s to come. Continue reading “Self-Titled EP by From The Cave / EP Review”

Check Out These EPs (They’re Really Good)

Since deciding to embark on a quest to become the greatest HelloHavard - Silly Thingsmusic writer a lot of my time
is spent listening to music in my bedroom til the early hours, but in that time I have become a fan of one particular release – The EP. The EP is a release that has been a little bit quiet in 2016 so far, so rather than waiting for it to come out of it’s shell/hibernation/the closest of musical obscurity, I’ve decided to list a couple EPs that deserves some extra attention. It’s almost like I’ve got a series dedicated to talking about good albums or something. Almost.

Silly Things by HelloHavard | I have been waiting for this to be released since last September when these two chaps dropped a couple nuggets of pop thunder onto my lap. HelloHavard are a Canadian band that offers a blended mix of pop, rock and punk to provide a smoothly produced sound that cannot fail to sip a smile on your pretty little face. Silly Things offers five tracks of sugary sweet pop goodness that’s complete with hooks upon hooks upon hooks, catchy instrumentals and a groove that grooves continuously. It’s great, and also not released until the 19th so you’ll have to take my word for it. Check out Trappers

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Change The Channel by Zublue \ EP Review

WHEN: 07.05.2016Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 16.30.36

Zublue is a trio from Essex and this is their upcoming debut EP Change The Channel. I’ve only changed the channel only three times in my lifetime; the first was during an episode of Wacky Races when Dick Dastardly and Muttley clearly won the race for the first time and had it taken away from them, the second was when I came home and found my sister watching The Kardashians, and the third was on Easter Sunday when that awful film with the rabbits all killing eachother was on Channel 5. Anyway, as well as being from my personal ends of Essex Zublue are also influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and describe themselves as a Dave Grohl stunt double, a man “armed with a quiff of dangerous height” and a bassist who holds his bass the wrong way. Awesome.

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Last Colour by Lifecycle \ EP Review

WHEN: 21.03.2016Lifecycle - Last Colour
WHERE: Ricochet Records

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Last night I watched Season 3 of Rugrats on Netflix and it left me with the sense of uneasiness due to the mundane storylines and the slightly eerie jarring of the characters’ mouths. Another blast from the past came from an email I received not too long ago regarding today’s band – Lifecycle. Way back in 2014 I reviewed their debut album Lino Cosmos and this was referenced by the sender which I thought was so sweet. Anyway, Lifecycle like to go to town on the tribal/dance genre and this is their new EP Last Colour. You better get into this, because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

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