Essex has a Pretty Great Music Scene Y’Know

THE EDGELast Thursday I went to The Edge in Basildon Town Centre to check out performances from three local acts: Dubious Misfits, Origami Noise and Jet Pack*.  The night was hosted by Hippy Joe, and it was awesome. You might not know any of the venues, bands and local legends I just mentioned in that last sentence, but this is an article all about how my hometown of Basildon, Essex has become home to a music scene that once started off stuck in a Metallic rut, but has since blossomed into something very special. Continue reading “Essex has a Pretty Great Music Scene Y’Know”

Radiohead’s About To Release A New Album (And That’s Awesome)

An accurate representation of Radiohead’s internet presence last week.

OVER THE LAST TWO WEEKS Radiohead have been perfecting the art of How To Disappear Completely and reappear with some goodies. After removing nearly everything Radiohead from the internet (and they would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that meddling Wikipedia!) Thom Yorke and co returned to their physical forms with a couple of gifts. The release of Burn The Witch also brought the answer to the cryptic posters certain fans received months ago, and with the release of Daydreaming came the announcement that the Art Rock band’s eighth studio album will be released on May 8th. That’s right, TOMORROW.

Burn The Witch
is not Radiohead’s cover of the single by QOTSA but it is a song that has lurked within the shadows of their demos for quite some time. Featuring an instrumental that boasts some gorgeously plucked violin strings and a bass line that drones throughout, it’s a track that perfectly suits the drawling, reverberated vocals of Thom Yorke and the equally unnerving music video. Eesh. Radiohead do a superb job of keeping this track rife with intensity as the violins begin to unfold and spiral into this deep depression alongside the drums which have begun to break through the thick wall of synths and bass and strings. It’s a song that has certainly got everybody riled up, and a little creeped out. Again, that music video, ughgh. Continue reading “Radiohead’s About To Release A New Album (And That’s Awesome)”

Intricate Maps by The Multiple Cat | Album Review

WHEN: 12.02.2016The Multiple Cat - Intricate Maps
WHERE: Cartouche Records

The Multiple Cat is a long running project of Daytrotter founder Pat Stolley and this is it’s fifth studio album Intricate Maps. My relationship with cats over my 22 (and a half) years of existence has remained pretty positive. I have had 5 feline roommates in that time and 80% of them were really nice, the other 20% not so much. She was called Meg and she was an absolute nightmare, and would absolutely not mind clawing your legs to death. Thanks Meg.

Continue reading “Intricate Maps by The Multiple Cat | Album Review”

1749 by Lemaitre | EP Review

WHEN: 29.01.2016
WHERE: Astralwerks/Virgin EMI

EPs have been a little disappointing so far this year. Last year I definitely took to the Extended Plays to search for some excellent upcoming artists, but this year there’s only been a handful of EPs I’ve experienced that have been “pretty good” at best. It’s a shame. But this is where I put forward a question to YOU, the reader, my dear audience. Have you heard any EPs that are worth raving about from 2016? Let me know by leaving a comment below or by tweeting me or something. That’d be rather sweet.

Anyway, today might be the day we discover another EP that can go to the Loved List. Lemaitre are a Norway-based electronic duo and this is their newest release 1749. I’m pretty sure everybody must have heard the track Closer which has reached over 9 million streams on Soundcloud which is simply insane, but very well deserved because the track is so, so good. The EP kicks off with Not Too Late which does not skimp on delivering the high octane, bass heavy grooves as this wonderfully sunny instrumental is boosted by some excellent bass and horns that immediately get the airwaves bouncing and the hips shaking.

Closer is the obvious highlight of mine. The stark piano intro complete with icy vocals is elevated immensely with some dubstep-esque bass drops and a horn section that makes me wanna cry with happiness. This mashup of styles intertwine in a way that creates beautiful music and I’m so glad that it’s gracing my ears – a truly excellent tune. Day Two also keeps the summery vibes shining as bright as possible with some wonderful scratchy guitar parts that could make Nile Rodgers happy and goodness me, I’m overwhelmed by how good this is.

1749 is an excellent EP and Lemaitre have become the first artist to truly blow me away this year. The EP is home to five songs that offer some of the most upbeat, summery and excellent tunes which will no doubt be playing in my mind for the rest of this year. So good, sooooooooo good. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

Machine Maker by Future Elevators | Track Review

WHEN: 28.01.2016
WHERE: Communicating Vessels

Future Elevators are a five piece band from Alabama and this is their newest single Machine Maker. I’ve always thought about creating a machine that could effectively do all of the social things I’m expected to do like say hello or go to work but chronic laziness is the downfall of what could be the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway, I was turned on to this tune thanks to the gorgeous artwork (look at it, so pretty!) and the band’s use of the “toy box piano”. Awesome.

Machine Maker is a track that’s full of melodies. From the opening diddy to the lovely bluegrassy slides Future Elevators convert this wishy washy tune into something that’s layered with lots and lots of sweet little sounds that continue to pleasantly please the eardrums after multiple listens. The band allows the instruments to play alongside the main rhythm of the vocals to forge a real solid unit that’s riddled with team building exercises, and it really does sound good. Especially as it’s backed up with a constantly hurried drum beat and downtrodden guitar chords that add a real melancholy feel to the song too. Nice work.

Stream Machine Maker below and be sure to look out for Future Elevators’ debut album on the 19th of February. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

Antifistamines by Love Buzzard | Album Review

WHEN: 12.01.2016
WHERE: 1-2-3-4 Records

Sometimes all you need to get yourself out a little funk is some hard edged garage rock. Love Buzzard blew my face apart last month with their track Oh and this month they have finally released their debut album Antifistamines, which is made up of thirteen separate uppercuts to the face.

Cash kicks off the LP with a super moody, fuzzy guitar riff that sounds like it’s being played with all the strings turned down low and performed through a bass amp ala Kyuss style. This deeply rooted sound is thick and murky enough to trap some rhythm into it, as Love Buzzard throw some riffs that have a bit of swing to it throughout the track and throughout the album too. So all in all, this is the equivalent of sinking into quicksand and discovering a secret underground funk danceclub beneath it, which is awesome…and confusing.

This journey into the distorted funktopia continues as following track Headrush bashes and crashes its way through the airwaves to deliver riffs that are also hellbent on destroying on face while shaking your hips at the same time. This forced dance collaboration is then made a little more voluntary with the track Beams, which is all kinds garage rock and funky that it makes me forget that my jaw is just swinging by my knees at this point. Great track.

Antifistamines continues to keep this frantic tempo throughout and delivers an array of reasons to really get into Love Buzzard. The duo stick firmly behind the same formula for a lot of the tracks but they maintain a high standard of entertaining guitar riffs and old school vocal performances that it sticks the material together to become this great behemoth of solid garage rock. It’s great.

Love Buzzard have delivered tremendously with their debut album. Antifistamines is a record that’s full of dirty, distorted garage rock which is maintained at a constant urgent speed that makes it all the more entertaining. An awesome record; my face hurts. For more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

Sucker by Vangoffey | Track Review

FROM: Album – Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It
WHERE: Distiller Records

Years ago I was a huge fan of Supergrass and was a very upset little boy when they had split up. Nowadays the wound has healed and I’ve possibly realised that they probably weren’t all that great actually, but I’m glad to have experienced them in my life. While all of the members are off cracking the solo artist path it’s cool to see which one comes out with the latest material. Former drummer Danny Goffey has formed the witty-ly (journalism) Vangoffey and last year released debut album Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It which slipped through my eardrums without any hint of a peep, but now comes the release of the single Sucker, and that is pretty darn good.

Complete with an upbeat instrumentation and an attitude that screams a lot of “yeah, whatever” with a hint of let’s get dancing this track is actually a rather nice musical surprise for the eardrums. A solid, danceable drum beat combines with sunny acoustic guitars which immediately get the feet tapping which makes for a great foundation for the layers upon layers of lead licks, cowbell and synthesiser to throws itself into the spotlight.  Sucker is full of percussion and reasons to actually take that jacket and really get into it, and it’s awesome.

Stream Sucker below, and for more reviews, interviews and good music check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.