Dinosaur Jr. – Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not | Album Review


Dinosaur Jr. are simply badass. Since the original trio of J, Lou and Murph reformed back in 2007 they have released four albums that have continued to cement the notion that hey, these guys know how to make great music. Whether it’s the pop-tinged sounds of ‘Beyond’, the drawn out alt-rock sounds of ‘Farm’ or the laid back, scuzzy sounds of ‘I Bet On Sky’ Dinosaur Jr. know how to get the best out of three stacked amps and Rickenbacker bass guitars. Their new album Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not sees the band return with another dose of punchy distortion, with a side order of emotion thrown in for good measure too.

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Viola Beach by Viola Beach | Album Review


Viola Beach is the posthumous album from Warrington’s Viola Beach. Last year I had the pleasure of witnessing the four-piece perform on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds Festival and was blown away by their vibrant display of great indie rock. Their singles ‘Swings & Waterslides’ and ‘Boys That Sing’ provided all of the yearning lyrics, sunny instrumentals and youthful enthusiasm to make it easy to fall in love with them. Unfortunately a tragic accident during the band’s first overseas tour resulted in their careers ending before they truly had a chance to get started. However, thanks to the bands’ families they were able to get their debut album released to the world, which reached the #1 spot here in the UK.

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Tickle Torture – Full Court Press | Track Review


Since writing about music I have had the opportunity to discover many, many bands from various levels from all over the world. Some have been great, others have been not so great, but one in particular has always stuck out in my mind as being something…unique. Elliott Kozel, under the name Tickle Torture, produced arguably the strangest, danciest EP around with ‘Spectrophobia’. It’s an EP that went from sampling dangerous sounding coughs to the sweet, groovy sounds of ‘Would I Love You’ and opened my mind to the world of a genre I could only describe as BDSM-Funk.

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Deep Cuts #1 | Hi’s and Skydives

Hi everyone, welcome to the first post of Deep Cuts! Since increasing the amount of content from three times a week to nine times a week I’ve noticed that having the content that’s solely made up of reviews is…kinda boring. So I’ve decided that every now and then I will contribute to the content by writing about whatever comes to mind, whether it be something I’ve done or a gig I’ve attended or something that annoys me about the “biz” of being a music blogger. That way I feel like I’m able to show off that I’m a human and not some robot programmed to say that this album is good or not so good.

As you probably could tell by the painfully obvious title I went skydiving this past weekend! We were initially going to do it back in June but unfortunately the arrival of some clouds meant that we couldn’t. That sucked as it meant we spent £250 to sit in a field in Kent before leaving disappointed. What also sucked was having a couple of beers and some Burger King afterwards, only to become best friends with the toilet a couple hours later due to a dodgy Whopper. Definitely not the experience I wanted, but at least I finally got it on Saturday, August 6th, strapped to a guy named Si, screaming my face off.

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Queen Giza – Machine Master Demon Dream | Album Review


When you come across a submission in your inbox and see that the band’s influences range from Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’, Queens of the Stone Age’s debut and Thee Oh Sees’ ‘Mutilator’ you know you’re gonna be in for a good time. Queen Giza is a band based in Brooklyn and Charleston in the US of A and this is their debut album Machine Master Demon Dream. The record is described by the band as a “something of a two act rock opera” and the plot (in a “sentence”, the band says) is (and I quote):

“An old man builds a humanoid in his younger image, implanting his memories; the robot discovers what he is, hunts down and kills creator with some difficulties (Machine Master Side), and then the creator has a postmortem dream/nightmare focused on losing his soul to the robot/demons/devil (Demon Dream Side). The 2nd side is formatted around the stages of sleep/dreaming and the bodily/brain functions, and all songs flow into each other. “

Simply put, it’s badass.

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Private Island – Sunbreak | EP Review


Private Island is a band comprising of SIX PEOPLE determined to knock your socks off and throw your feet to the dancefloor with the release of their second EP Sunbreak. These guys’ flair for indie rock and funk have gained them quite a bit of attention thanks to the release of some popular singles in the form of ‘Enough’ and ‘Drugs’, and now look to come in strong with this new EP.

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The Masses – Better You Know | Track Review


The Masses are a band based in Leeds and this is their newest single Better You Know. These guys have been committing solidly to a “12 Singles in 12 Months” project which sees the band release a track on the first of each month, culminating in a full length album in 2017. It’s certainly an impressive method to build up hype for your record, especially if the band sticks to it. The most I’ve committed to something is watching an entire season of Breaking Bad in one night.

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