Exploding Head Syndrome is the ongoing canvas of numerous bouts of musical word-vomit from aspiring music journalist and writer Adam Reeve. I have been vomiting for around five years now and I can say I have enjoyed being a part of the music blogosphere ever since the first time I felt a bit funny in my tummy.

What made you want to become a music journalist? Thank you Me for that great question. I decided I wanted to become involved with the music industry many years ago after reading one of my friends’ reviews on a website that they contributed to. I thought it was the coolest thing that they were able to share their opinion on a particular record; being able to go “hey this is good, check it out” really appealed to me. Plus I really wanted free music.

Once the idolisation of my friend subsided I immediately got to work creating a blog on Blogspot called Elusive Little Comments. This was my first taste of publishing words that I was semi-proud of, and you could imagine the look on my face when I received my first “shoutout” post from a band on their Facebook/Twitter page. After a couple years I decided to take a break from writing and returned for the new year with a new blog called Exploding Head Syndrome, and well here we are.

What’s with the switch to WordPress? I’ve been using Blogspot for years and I’ve experienced too many incidents of posts not being published, drafts being deleted and random site drops for me to feel too connected to it. The Internet pretty much rates WordPress as the best platform for websites and blogs so I thought hey, let’s make the jump.

The Exploding Head Syndrome logo, designed by my good friend Steve Lawes. Cheers Steve!

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