Tickle Torture – Full Court Press | Track Review


Since writing about music I have had the opportunity to discover many, many bands from various levels from all over the world. Some have been great, others have been not so great, but one in particular has always stuck out in my mind as being something…unique. Elliott Kozel, under the name Tickle Torture, produced arguably the strangest, danciest EP around with ‘Spectrophobia’. It’s an EP that went from sampling dangerous sounding coughs to the sweet, groovy sounds of ‘Would I Love You’ and opened my mind to the world of a genre I could only describe as BDSM-Funk.

With 2016 being the worst year for taking people away from our world, Prince has arguably been the hardest hitting. Prince was a huge influence for Tickle Torture, so Elliott and his good friend Velvet Negroni have penned a little tribute song to the icon. The track is called Full Court Press and was filmed outside the same night club Purple Rain was filmed, and features a whole lot of purple. It’s a very fitting tribute.

Complete with ascending synthesisers, groovy basslines and a great sense of rhythm Full Court Press is a song that could so easily have been produced by Prince himself. Tickle Torture’s vocals slip seamlessly into the breathy instrumental, providing simple but effective hooks which really allows the track to become an infectiously catchy tune.

Tickle Torture have produced something that pays homage to Prince without coming across as a direct copy. Full Court Press is a track that showcases the influences, but also features a lot of Tickle Torture’s own traits too. It’s a very entertaining listen, and there’s not so much BDSM to it either.

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