The Academic – Mixtape 2003 | Track Review


The Academic are an Irish four-piece and this is their new single Mixtape 2003. I was 10 years old in 2003; unwillingly about to leave primary school and head into the scary world of secondary school which meant puberty, liking girls and puberty again came into full swing. My mixtape back then would have involved a lot of boybands my sisters liked, and possibly some Guns N Roses for good measure.

Mixtape 2003 is a scuzzy little tune which utilises some youthful enthusiasm to produce scrappy guitar riffs that rip and tear through the airwaves quicker than a hipster can say they heard it before it was cool. It boasts a cool air about it, as the vocals drizzle lazily upon the sounds to keep everything maintained and chilled, before the chorus crashes in with a thunderous set of riffs and hooks which suddenly adds a bit of urgency to proceedings.

It’s a very catchy, effortlessly cool track. The Academic have created something that could easily be played throughout this wonderful period of summer, and could fill the void for summery rock tunes that was previously owned by the likes of Feeder, The Fratellis, and Kaiser Chiefs. It’s a great tune.

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