Saint Agnes – Sister Electric | Track Review


Saint Agnes is a four piece from London and this is their latest track Sister Electric. I was turned on to these guys back in 2014 courtesy of their excellent track ‘A Beautiful Day For Murder’ with it’s ominous roundhouse kick of blues rock blowing my mind, so I’m very excited to hear this new track. I was also pleased to see that they too realise that weather’s very important when it comes to murderin’.

A thick blend of blues rock stamps its mark on the eardrums as Sister Electric sees Saint Agnes deliver with another exciting instrumental. Guitars collide together to deliver riffs and melodies that sound as catchy as they do raw, and the vocals bring forth a lot of passion and energy with the band utilising a girl/boy dynamic effortlessly to really keep the levels high. It’s main riff is anthemic and hugely exciting – like something you could hear on Sons of Anarchy or something equally as badass – and just…wow. My mind is blown once again by these guys.

Sister Electric is a fantastic new track from Saint Agnes. It’s one that sees the band let loose with a thunderous set of riffs and an equally hard hitting vocal performance to bring together a listening experience that’s sure to leave the listener satisfied. It’s a great track.

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