Jaunt – Chat | EP Review


Jaunt is a band from Toronto and this is their new EP Chat. The art of conversation is a wonderful thing, as it allows you to join words with a person of choice about whatever topic you please. From Brexit to Dip Dabs to the person you hate at work to something you saw on the Internet, you get to talk about all kinds of shit. In this conversation, we’re talking about how great Chat is.

Pretty smartly, the track ‘Hello’ kicks off Chat with a wonderful example of how to make a good first impression. Jaunt’s laidback sound is blissful as off-kilter percussion builds up the instrumentation against some just out of reach synthesisers which soon swoop by in a massive rush of vibrancy, taking things to a soaring level of wonderfulness. ‘Gentle Reminder’ follows with another round of chilled sounds which is once again built up on a level of an ocean rush of pure pop melodies as Jaunt lay down some very smooth synth sounds. It’s a great track.

‘Comfortable’ sees Jaunt bring a whole group of people together to help create a vocal hook that fits the effortless sound of Chat perfectly. It also shifts the focus from the synthesisers which do a great job at complimenting the vocals, and once again creates another blissful piece of ear candy.

Chat is a wonderful EP from Jaunt. I absolutely love the summery sounds they have produced, which is allowed to shift and change in a solid progression throughout the course of the EP. It has some superb instrumentals, hooks and an excellently cute closing track in the form of ‘I Did Call You Twice’. It’s brilliant, I love it very much.

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