Trudy and the Romance – Wild | Track Review


You know, I always pride myself on keeping up to date with music. Keeping this site fresh with constant deliveries of the ripest fruit is something I strive to achieve each week, so you have no idea how pleased I am to bring something to you that was released over a month ago. I do apologise, but luckily this little fruit has remained as juicy and as ripe as the day it was born. Trudy and the Romance reside in Liverpool and this is their latest track Wild.

These guys pride themselves on playing what they describe as ‘mutant 50’s pop’ which aside from sounding awesome also sounds pretty pleasing on the ears. Wild kicks things off with a swinging bassline that bops and bounces it’s way in between the listener’s moving feet, distracting the mind just enough for the vocals to croon and swoon their way into your heart. The subdued guitar strums in the background pleasantly, producing just enough of a sparkle into the eye of the satisfied customer.

Wild is the kind of romantic who would send you cards with bits of nature inside, somebody who’s a little bit off-kilter in their approach to woo but still pretty sweet nonetheless. It’s a sweet little track that boasts a nostalgic touch to their otherwise modern sound, while also adding a lot of twists and shifts to the tempo and instrumental to keep things exciting. It’s great.

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