HONNE – Warm on a Cold Night | Album Review


HONNE are a British electronic duo and this is their debut album Warm On A Cold Night. I have been anticipating the release of this record ever since hearing the wonderful single ‘Someone That Loves You’ which combined elements of electronica and soul to create something that’s rich in vibrancy and sensual feelings too. Awesome.

The title track kicks off the record with an instrumental that could easily be played upon a summer’s night in China Town. Bright synthesisers collide together to form a beat that shines with a textual gaze that pairs up nicely with the synthetic guitars and electronic drum beat to produce something that’s intimate enough to fit with the lyrics calling for somebody to keep them warm on a cold, cold night; calling out to the sunny vibes of the music.

I love Izzy Bizu, so her contribution to the lead single ‘Someone That Loves You’ is a nice surprise. It adds a nice touch of femininity to HONNE’S mechanic sound which allows for the track to boast one hell of an exciting chorus which stays with you forever. ‘All In The Value’ follows up with a catchy set of basslines and scratchy guitars to produce another instrumental that’s deeply committed to producing something funky, which also ties in nicely with ‘Treat You Right’ – possibly the only track on the record that’s designed solely for the big time festival circuits.

Warm On A Cold Night is a superb album. It’s a record that introduces the sound of HONNE while also taking it on journeys to properly reveal each and every personality trait it holds. Some tracks are soulful and steeped in longing whereas others are determined to get the hips moving. Much like Disclosure’s debut ‘Settle’ this is a record that brings much excitement to the UK music scene, and hopefully HONNE capitalise on it.

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