Daisy Victoria – Animal Lover | Track Review


One of the biggest ways to get me to respond to a submission in the email inbox (which has since reached over +100 unread emails a day now, great) is if the artist/PR person sends me a personalised email. Just a simple hello and some nice words goes a long way in making my job a lot more enjoyable, and when most of the time I receive simple copy-and-pasted emails it certainly helps them stand out when there’s a bit of effort involved.

Daisy Victoria is somebody who did exactly that. Her email showed me how “mysterious and dark” she is and she also promised a “dick pic to follow”, which is fantastic. Thank you Daisy. Anyway, this this is her new single Animal Lover. I too am an animal lover, so I think I am in love with this lady.

Animal Lover is a hard hitting, gutsy track that’s full of distorted guitars, which form huge walls of destruction while melodies dance over the top of them. Daisy puts in a stonkingly good vocal performance for this track. Her vocals swoop and swoon between the crunchy guitar riffs and soar into something truly wonderful for the chorus, which ascends into something astronomically good. This is paired up with drums that deliver a straight forward beat which add a bit of thickness to the sound, and it all makes for some very nice listening.

I really like Animal Lover. It delivers on the riffs, the melodies and the vocals sound wonderful too. It’s easy to fall in love with this track, and I am very much looking forward to Daisy Victoria’s new EP. Oh, and the dick pic.


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