White Lies – Take It Out On Me | Track Review


White Lies are back! As like many people here in the UK I fell in love with the band’s blend of gothic undertones and subtle disco hits which made albums like ‘To Lose My Life…’ and ‘Ritual’ so excellent. Their new track Take It Out On Me is a welcome return to that sound with hopes of another solid effort in the form of upcoming album ‘Friends’, out in October.

With a catchy bassline the band wastes little time in getting the track grooving. Spooky synthesisers provide an eerie sound that swells amongst the guitars and drums, which does a great job at laying down a slight hint of punky scrappiness and some much needed driving force. The howling vocals swoop and descend in-between the layers to deliver some solid hooks that allow the chorus to fit immediately into your brain.

Take It Out On Me is a great song. It welcomes White Lies back into the mainstream by delivering everything we’ve come to enjoy from the band and wraps it up into a simple but catchy little package which certainly helps drive the anticipation high for the new record. Nice work.

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