You Are Number Six – VHS Dreams | EP Review


You Are Number Six (or YANS) are a duo from France and this is their new EP VHS Dreams. These guys perform a kind of electronic music that brings a lot of everything going on from the 80’s into the modern day, and gets it sounding as glitchy as possible to really ramp up its gothic appeal. It’s very intriguing, and I’m particularly glad they’re on Tree Machine Records.

Opening track ‘Glitches’ features a synth-heavy beat that could have been grabbed straight from the likes of New Order as it stutters and repeats itself continuously against a very Smiths-esque vocals and a disco-tinged drum beat. The track slips seamlessly into a huge chorus that’s boosted by some additional whooshes of synthesiser which gives everything a very sunkissed touch. It’s a nice way to kick off the EP.

‘Le Balcon Sur La Mer’ features a very sleepy intro complete with reverb-hit vocals and a simple but deep bassline, which certainly does a number on the consciousness levels. Lead single ‘Tropic of Love’ is a straight up hit complete with a beat that’s perfect for this summery weather, and is definitely one of the highlights on this EP.

VHS Dreams closes out on a high note with the track ‘Alice’ providing one final heartache before saying goodbye. YANS keep the synthesisers to a background-only role for this track, opting instead for the guitar to contribute some easy going melodies and riffs to give off some more emotive sounds. The short but sweet whistle hook is adorable, and rounds up what has been a very entertaining listen.

VHS Dreams is a great EP. You Are Number Six have created something that boasts four excellent songs full of nostalgic elements while also keeping things modern with a sunny edge which helps everything sound so wonderful and nice.


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