Delphina Kings – Holding Me Up | Track Review


Upbeat music is great all year round, but it becomes extra special when the atmosphere around it matches. Right now it’s hotter than the sun and I am sweating just a little bit (hi ladies) and it’s great, all because I am listening to Holding Me Up, the debut single by Delphina Kings.

With influences like David Bowie and Prince it’s fairly safe to say that Delphina Kings know how to make a song sound good. Holding Me Up features an instrumental that switches between waves of blissful beats and crashing ocean of pure indie pop in a chorus that erupts with pure ecstasy. The trio pack the track with additional hooks that shine through the vocals, the backing vocals and even the drums which punch their way to your hips too. It’s great.

Holding Me Up is a perfect little tune to listen to when relaxing in the sun. The chilled sound makes for some easy listening that warrants numerous repeats throughout the day. It’s great, and I am very interested to hear more from Delphina Kings too.

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