2016: Good Albums | Part 8

Welcome to the latest addition of 2016: Good Albums! We’ve reached the halfway point of 2016 and have already listened to some records that will surely appear on numerous end of year lists. As always, below are a couple extra recommendations of recently released albums that have particularly tickled my fancy, and I hope they will tickle yours too. Some records are sexy, some are groovy, some are heavy, and the others are just as good too. Enjoy! Let me know what you think via the comments below, or via the Facebook and Twitter pages.

WILDFLOWER BY THE AVALANCHES | JULY 8TH | XL RECORDINGS | LOVE.LIKE.ALRIGHT: LOVE | The Avalanches returned to our eardrums after sixteen long years of being pretty silent. I believe I produced more sounds they did in that time. Thankfully they have blown all other noises out of the water with the release of their new album Wildflower. All manner of genres are blended together to create a record that’s bursting with colour, optimism and a whole lot of smiles for good measure too. From the ecstatic beginning of ‘Because I’m Me’ to the slick Danny Brown bars on ‘Frankie Sinatra’ all the way to the closing moments of ‘Saturday Night Inside Out’ this record makes for some damn good listening.

BLANK FACE BY SCHOOLBOY Q | JULY 8TH | INTERSCOPE RECORDS | LOVE.LIKE.ALRIGHT: LIKE | Schoolboy Q does his Top Dawg Entertainment crew proud with the release of Blank Face. This record is full of hard hitting beats and instrumentals that are complimented nicely with contributions from the likes of Kanye, Anderson Paak, Vince Staples and a whole load of others to produce one of the hardest listens of 2016.

NOTHING’S REAL BY SHURA | JULY 8TH | BSESSI LIMITED | LOVE.LIKE.ALRIGHT: LIKE | Shura has exploded onto the scene and left a little mark of adoration on my heart. This songstress delivers a sugary dose of pure pop music that’s full of upbeat instrumentals and basslines that could make me dance like I know how to dance. It’s a great coming of age record which bares a strong throwback to the 80s that’s converted just enough to be full of all the vibrant touches that makes today’s modern pop sound so good.

CITY SUN EATER IN THE RIVER OF LIGHT BY WOODS | JULY 8TH | WOODSIST | LOVE.LIKE.ALRIGHT: LIKE | Woods have been steadily stripping back their sound of old and slowly revealing parts of their new soul over the years. Kind of like the longest undressing in the world. Their new record sees the band take on a completely new and laidback approach which results in a listen that’s very enjoyable and full of interesting twists and turns that ultimately take you to your destination. It’s a lovely, relaxed evening record.

BLACKSUMMERS’NIGHT BY MAXWELL | JULY 1ST | COLUMBIA RECORDS| LOVE.LIKE.ALRIGHT: LIKE | Oh boy, this one is a naughty little treat. RnB veteran Maxwell returned to the music industry with the release of his fifth studio album blackSUMMERS’night and it is a right sensual listen. Smooth instrumentals flood the airwaves alongside some soft, breathy beats and Maxwell’s vocals compliment everything nicely to become the cherry on top of what is possibly the naughtiest cake in the world. This record is sexy, emotive and perfect to play for when you wanna have a good ol’ time. Hot damn.

THE MAGIC BY DEERHOOF | JUNE 24TH | POLYVINYL | LOVE.LIKE.ALRIGHT: LIKE | Deerhoof return with another solid record full of heavily distorted guitar riffs and quiet moments to produce yet another fun, entertaining listen to their pretty darn fun discography. It’s kind of like getting back in touch with that old school friend and immediately having the best day. Hooray! for best friends.

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