Everywhere – Some Other Dude \ Track Review


I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’ve always been one to let opportunities slip away, it’s one of the perks of suffering from anxiety every now and then. Whether it’s about a new job opportunity or the perfect moment to speak out to let yourself come across as a complete badass, the mind overthinks and suddenly the moment’s gone, never to return again. London band Everywhere have experienced something similar and have detailed it through the medium of their new single ‘Some Other Dude’, an excellent little pop number that’s funky as it is a little resentful.

With a funky bass line and equally pleasing guitar parts ‘Some Other Dude’ is a tune that immediately grabs the chance to cuddle your eardrums. Everywhere throw all kinds of harmony and funk into the chorus which blooms into this excellent display of off-kilter groove and occasional cowbell hits to really tip things over the edge and into the hips. I know the girl in the track is dancing with somebody else but after hearing all these sounds I definitely would like to dance with Everywhere, goodness me.

‘Some Other Dude’ is an infectious, superb track which promotes the notion to not beat yourself up too much and carry on with life as normal. It features some effortlessly delicious hooks, strong instrumentation and a whole lot of positivity. It’s great. Stream the track below, and let me know what you think below.

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