2016: Good Albums / Pt 7

The Kills - Ash and IceWelcome to the latest addition of 2016: Good Albums! We’ve reached the halfway point of 2016 and have already listened to some records that will surely appear on numerous end of year lists. As always, below are a couple extra recommendations of recently released albums that have particularly tickled my fancy, and I hope will tickle yours too. Some records are sexy, some are groovy, some are heavy, and one is rather terrifying. Enjoy! Let me know what you think via the comments below, or via the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ash & Ice by The Kills / Rock duo The Kills return with a record that boasts a lot of attitude and gnarly guitar riffs that makes an altogether pretty badass sound. It’s full of catchy singles, hard hitting deep cuts and the occasional divulge in some psychedelica too. It’s a solid, fun record.

A/B by Kaleo / American band Kaleo introduce themselves to the world of music with a debut album that absolutely stomps its way into your eardrums. If you’re a fan of hard hitting, heavy blues rock complete with huge vocals, thick guitar riffs and a lot of emotions then definitely check this out. You may have heard the track ‘Way Down We Go’ which appeared on every advert ever as well as appearing on Law TV show Suits, so that just gives you even more of a reason to take a listen.

Juicy Fruit by Kraak & Smaak / Nothing beats the sounds of upbeat funky electronic music during the summer. Kraak & Smaak’s latest record is a wonderful source of the aforementioned sound and delivers it at a rate that keeps you smiling and dancing like a happy little bee in the wind. It’s full of excellent tracks featuring some strong contributions from the likes of Eric Biddines, Alxndr London and my favourite Mayer Hawthorne, all allowing this record to reach it’s full potential as one of the sunniest records of the year. Good stuff.

The Getaway by Red Hot Chili Peppers / Holy moly they’re back. The very highly regarded funk rock band RHCP return with The Getaway – arguably their best record of this decade. Previous album ‘I’m With You’ did start off strongly (I believe seventeen year old loved the track ‘Factory of Faith’) but quickly fell off into a puddle of overly calm sounds which quickly diminished the momentum of the record. Fortunately this is rectified on ‘The Getaway’ as RHCP kick it off strongly with the title track followed by the storming lead single ‘Dark Necessities’, while also keeping it lively with tracks such as Go Robot, Sick Love and Detroit.  The album does head towards a much more mellow sound here and there which fortunately helps diversify things, and also maintains a lot of the momentum and flow too. It’s a good record, and it’s good to have the Chili’s back again.

You Will Never Be One Of Us by Nails / Goodness me, this is one nasty record. Punk band Nails returns with another addition to their fight against the stable eardrum. This thing is straight up terrifying, thick with heavy distorted riffs, a lot of screaming and not a lot of nice imagery. I could barely sit through their previous album ‘Unsilent Death’, but while this new record isn’t quite as abrasive it’s still one hell of a listen.

Slush Hours by Phlake / Quite possibly the sexiest record to feature a song dedicated to a pregnant SO. Phlake’s debut record Slush Hours is a beautifully crafted journey into a world full of subtle rhythms, simple grooves and some excellent vocal harmonies which makes for one hell of a saucy listen.


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