Single Review / Tosin Kuti – Double Deez / Hot New Bands #8

WHEN: 16.05.2016Tosin Kuti - Double Deez

Last year EHS hosted the #MovementMovement, a week long dedication to local acts from around Essex and London. A new act was bigged up on the website each day, and it was pretty awesome – easily one of my favourite things I’ve ever done as a music writer. One of the artists talked about was Bara Blaque, a London rapper who was part of The Koup, which is also the home of today’s artist: Tosin Kuti. Last July I reviewed his track ‘The Non Conscious Theory’ and was pleasantly surprised, and am equally pleased by the new single ‘Double Deez’.

Featuring old school hip hop instrumentation complete with a straight drum beat and watery synth beat Double Deez provides a laid back atmosphere for Tosin to spit some lyrics relating to a particularly beautiful woman who’s been gifted with some nice assets, and the modern day age of the woman being bombarded with messages and whatnot on social media. The track features an excellent verse from the perspective of the woman about her booty bouncing too much and wanting to “marry a baller” which helps add some extra depth to it.

‘Double Deez’ is a fun track with a simple instrumental and as always from Tosin Kuti lyrics that are full of depth as well as the hooks. It’s a great little tune, and very easy to listen to. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

What did you think of ‘Double Deez’? Let me know via the comments below or via the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook and Twitter pages.

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