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The Penny Antics - Guilty PleasuresSo glad to bring this back! An Interview With is a series which I would love to bring to EHS a lot more, but due to having a proper job that isn’t involved in music takes up a lot of time (and I’ve recently started a long term save as Manager of Chelmsford City in Football Manager 2016, but less said about that the better [I’m doing really well, currently 4th in the league]) so I’m unable to get out there to do my thang properly. HOWEVER, the latest interview comes from fellow Essex band The Penny Antics who I raved about not too long ago because of their solid new single ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Huge thanks to Lewis from The Penny Antics for taking the time to answer these questions, and also a big thanks to you for reading. Much love to you all.

Hey The Penny Antics, how’s it going? Hey Adam! Great thanks!

How did you guys form, and who influenced you enough to think “hey, let’s start a band”? Well I put an advert up on a band website and Nathan was the first person to respond that didn’t come across all full of himself and stuff. We had our first rehearsal at my house where I introduced a few rough song ideas that eventually made it onto our album (Reminder) for him to drum along to. The moment he did, I think we both knew that what we had was special (At least to us). Our influences are pretty varied and no matter how many we state, I feel we’re probably going to miss some out! The first band we both bonded over was probably Slaves though. We discovered those guys shortly after we released Reminder and couldn’t get enough of their stuff!

Your latest single Guilty Pleasures is awesome, what made you decide to release that as the single? Hahaha! Thanks man! I dunno really! I think we both really warmed to it and decided that, as it was possibly the catchiest song on the album, it deserved to be released as a single! ‘DND’ was our first official release though! That song had the speed and ‘Guilty Pleasures’ had the power.

As a relatively new band, what has the past year been like for you? How was it transitioning from performing your first shows into becoming a reasonably established act? The past year’s been great! As the band’s just recently turned a year old, I think we’re still earning our stripes on the old “unsigned circuit”, but we still play every gig and practice as though it were our last! As for transitioning, we haven’t really strayed very far from our Essex roots yet! We’ve played a couple of festivals here and there though! That’s a great experience; I recommend every act has a whack at a festival gig at some point! The atmosphere’s insane!

What’s next for The Penny Antics? More music, touring etc… At the moment, it’s kind of tough to give specific dates as we don’t like to rush things. We are however, in the process of many different projects and are expecting to see lots of results this Summer! I’m talking; merch, new album sleeves, new songs and touring etc. As of present though, we’re promoting the new music video for ‘Guilty Pleasures’!

Have you had many experiences of the music scene around Essex? Have you seen it change over time? Well I’ve had mates in all sorts of different bands that have changed a LOT over time since before I was in the band. It’s weird you ask though, as only recently I’ve been telling people how the local music scene is really starting to sound more promising overall. For some reason, bands seem to have improved massively since I started going to see them! It’s a great thing to be a part of!

Finally, if you had one elusive little comment to close this interview with, what would it be? Support local music – I can’t stress that enough! I’m not just talking about us either! Just get down to your local pub, club or bar and find something you can really sink your teeth into!

Oh, and watch the new music for ‘Guilty Pleasures’! If you fancy being extra charitable, give us a like and share us around your social media as well! It might not seem like much to you lot, but it really helps to provide us with a crowd when we’re up on stage doing what we love!

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