Hot New Bands / #6 / Hidden Charms / Cannonball Review

WHEN: 17.06.2016Hidden Charms - Cannonball

Groove is a wonderful thing. Since branching out a music taste that primarily stuck solely to the constraints of desert rock, I’ve had some kind of awakening that hey, it’s okay to dance. After suffering a traumatic experience at a family wedding in which I witnessed a relative point and laugh at me for my dancemoves (which to this day I contest were sweet) I decided that I would never try to dance again. A couple years passed and soon I found myself with no choice but to dance as I had suddenly picked up a music taste that featured a lot of basslines, riffs and beats that hit me right into the hips and the toes, and today I can announce proudly that I am back dancing again.

London band Hidden Charms have been sparking up quite a bit of buzz with their string of track releases over the last year, but have decided to move away from their constraints of deeply-psychedelic rock into something that gives off a much more hip shaking vibe instead. New single Cannonball isn’t officially out until the middle of June, but thanks to the kind hearts of the band you can stream it to your heart’s content. And boy is it good.

Immediately standing to attention with a thumping bassline, Cannonball hits the water just like Ron Burgundy. Ominous guitar screams pair up against the bass to give up a smoky atmosphere that could make any dancefloor look appealing. Hidden Charms throw out all sorts of vocal harmonies which work excellently with the roars of the guitar leads, and then deliver a snaking guitar part for the chorus which by then should get you dancing like a 14 year old white boy with terribly long hair at a family wedding who’s just about to be ridiculed by a relative.

This track is fantastic, and is easily one of the catchiest I’ve heard all year. Everything from the instrumentals to the vocal hooks are superb, and for this to be a change of sound for Hidden Charms shows that they have found their perfect note for 2016. I love this, and heavily implore that the band stick to this sound forever now.

What do you think of Cannonball? Let me know via the comments below, or by the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook and Twitter pages.


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