2016: Good Albums / #6

Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide To Earth2016: GOOD ALBUMS is a series in which I justify spending hours and hours listening to new music by compiling a neat little list of recommendations complete with a couple sentences of hopefully coherent fangirl-ism. This is the SIXTH addition to the long standing series which has allowed me to spread the “hey guys, this is cool” love way more greatly than ever before. If you agree or disagree with any of the recommendations in today’s post then do let me know via the comments below, or if you wanna step on my toes and throw a recommendation to the people then please do go ahead, and then we can become best friends. Spread the love for this post by sharing it via the buttons below, or via the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook and Twitter pages too.

Sturgill Simpson / A Sailor’s Guide To Earth / Quite possibly the most universally adored country record released this year, Sturgill Simpson’s newest record is a beautifully crafted listening experience that will easily sit within many End of Year Lists. It’s a record that holds a sweet country core but is surrounded by numerous elements of alternative, folk, and pop to bolster the variety levels up high. It’s a superb record, and the cover of Nirvana’s ‘In Bloom’ is excellent too.

Oscar / Cut and Paste / Sometimes all you want from music is a fun time. Singer-songwriter Oscar’s debut record is exactly that – ten tracks of straight up rock tunes that deliver all the things needed to have you bust out the greatest moves since sliced bread. It has everything you could ask for really: great rock riffs, synthesiser noodles and hand claps – arguably the happiest sound in all of music.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard / Nonagon Infinity / Easily the most fun I’ve had saying a band’s name out loud. Psychedelic veterans King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard deliver what could be their strongest effort yet. Nonagon Infinity is nine tracks of pure psychedelic goodness, offering up thick walls of distorted guitar riffs against a forever chugging tempo and a whole load of mind-bending-ly good lead licks. Each of the tracks blend into one another which essentially turns the record into one big slab of pure desert rock and roll, and the result is an awesome listen.

Wax Idols / American Tragic / I’ve known of Wax Idols since 2011 and was pleasantly surprised to hear they’ve got a new record out. If you’re a fan of being a bit moody then definitely give this record a listen. American Tragic is murky as balls, as it spends a majority of it’s time constructing atmospheres that are foggy with gritty sounds and sprinkled with the occasional shower of accessibility. The track ‘Deborah’ is a straight up groove by the way, and definitely helps contribute to what is an otherwise solid effort from Wax Idols.

Death Grips / Bottomless Pit / These guys are back once again with proof that we should probably never take anything they say seriously. Bottomless Pit is the latest in a long line of records that contributes to what’s possibly the most fucked up discography in history. Death Grips head towards a more electronic direction for this new effort, which does boast some interesting instrumentals that are catchy for the most part, while also retaining a lot of the fucked up-ness that has made these infamous on the internet. If you’ve got a hankering to get a headache then this record is for you.

Aesop Rock / The Impossible Kid / Straight up, I love this record. Aesop’s new record The Impossible Kid is a record that boasts fifteen tracks but beats the bloat by delivering a long stretch of entertaining instrumentals which comes accompanied with Aesop’s flow which does not let up throughout. It’s full of beats that sound straight out of the 90’s, and the amount of drops and twists and turns that exist just turn it up to whole ‘nother level. If you’re a fan of Run The Jewels then you’re guaranteed to like this record.


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