Self-Titled EP by From The Cave / EP Review

WHEN: 29.04.2016From The Cave EP

Y’know, there’s been some good music from us Brits this year, and this is another one. From The Cave are a five piece band from London and this is their new self-titled EP. These guys perform some kind of rock cocktail, taking influences from alternative to grunge to punk to produce something that makes me wanna drink it all up. Mmm, delicious.

The EP kicks things off with Night Hawk which offers a sweet Hawk sample alongside a sketchy guitar riff that’s equally moody and catchy, producing the strangest dance moves out of me. From The Cave throw down some sweet male/female vocal dynamics on top of the instrumental which really comes into full swing for the chorus which properly fills up the airwaves. It’s a very catchy listen, and definitely gets me in the mood to enjoy the rest of what’s to come.

Television features another instrumental that allows the bass to lay down some funky grooves alongside the sketchy guitar riffs, whereas Live Your Life heads down a much heavier route with the band performing some more hard hitting riffs with a chugging momentum that really gets the hips swinging. It’s great.

The EP then takes a turn to the sad with the track Trains. This is a drawn out listen that replaces the riffs with some melodies and a whole lot of atmosphere. The vocals are a little softer, and project a pain that makes me want to hug them all so tightly. It’s a lovely song which showcases that From The Cave are confident with changing up their sound.  This is also the case with the closing track Hope, which sees the band deliver another sound that’s full of melodies, hints of piano and all kinds of anthemic moments to bring what has been a very good EP to a close.

From The Cave is a great EP. The band has done a great job at starting it off with the more upbeat and accessible tracks before transitioning it into a record that delivers emotion in the final two tracks. It’s full of entertaining guitar riffs, vocal hooks and melodies that make you wanna cry. Let’s all hug eachother.

What did you think of From The Cave? Let me know below or via the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook and Twitter pages.

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