Hot New Bands / #5 / The Penny Antics

The Penny Antics - Guilty PleasuresHOT NEW BANDS is a series in which a particular band gets bigged up by yours truly every (nearly every) Wednesday. So far I’ve raved about No Hot Ashes, NARCS, Kassassin Street and Consolers, and today for the fifth addition to the list I’m very excited to proudly introduce you to THE PENNY ANTICS. These guys are a duo from my own home county of Essex and they perform a kind of grunge/punk rock that’s sure to get your blood pumping and your head banging. Awesome.

Having performed all over the place for the past year, The Penny Antics have been steadily growing a fanbase that appreciates their energetic and fist-pumpingly good live performances. They currently have a debut album in the works and their single Guilty Pleasures has a music video too. Sounds like these guys know how to get shit done.

Guilty Pleasures features everything you could ever want from a band that offers a grunge/punk hybrid. Straight up distorted guitar riffs, hard hitting drums and vocals that drawl and scratch right into your face let loose throughout, and there’s even a guitar solo thrown in for good measure too. It’s a track that’s full of urgency, intensity and a lot of reasons to get excited by The Penny Antics. It’s a great song.

Essex has produced some great acts over the last couple years which I’ve personally witnessed help diversify the music scene. When I started attending gigs at venues like the Castlemayne, The Edge and Chinnery’s the music scene was primarily built up of metal bands – which was great if you were super into metal, but not so good when you’re after something a little different. The likes of The Ends, Figures and Zublue are just a handful of emerging bands that have helped shake up the sound of the Essex underground, and I’m very proud to stick The Penny Antics into that pile too. Nice work guys.

The Penny Antics –

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