Cool Cat by No Hot Ashes \ Track Review

No Hot Ashes - Cool Cat
Pretty cool looking cat.

WHEN: 29.04.2016
WHERE: Playing With Sound

In my 22 years of existence I have owned five cats. Four of them were lovely, fluffy little angels but the fifth, Meg, was a little rascal. She would scratch and claw and bite her way through life and left a lot of people’s good books rather briskly. She was the complete opposite of a cool cat – screw you Meg. ANYWAY, Manchester’s No Hot Ashes have returned with a new single titled Cool Cat, and after blowing my mind with debut single Goose some time ago, I am very excited to hear this.

No Hot Ashes are responsible for delivering some of the punchiest funk rock of 2016 and once again they come at us with a track that’s full of hard hitting drums, fuzzy guitar riffs and a whole lot of reasons to get dancing. This time round they have brought a new element however – mighty horns fill the airwaves with an upbeat, swelling groove that meanders it’s way through gritty vocals and crashing cymbals to add yet another
dimension to this promising band’s sound.

This horn section comes as a surprise but the band manages to pull it off as if it’s something that’s to be expected. This level of variety definitely gets the excitement levels rising and the way it works so well alongside the reasonably heavy instrumental makes it even better. Cool Cat is full of hooks, great riffs and vocal harmonies that can make even a reference to Tesco Express sound good.

Cool Cat definitely keeps the hype train chugging away into satisfaction station. Once again No Hot Ashes have proved that their knack for combining two genres forms a sound that is absolutely one to get excited about. These guys have succeeded at delivering the goods on their second whip-round, and I cannot wait to hear more from them this year. Good stuff.

What did you think of Cool Cat? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or via the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook and Twitter pages.


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