Check Out These EPs (They’re Really Good)

Since deciding to embark on a quest to become the greatest HelloHavard - Silly Thingsmusic writer a lot of my time
is spent listening to music in my bedroom til the early hours, but in that time I have become a fan of one particular release – The EP. The EP is a release that has been a little bit quiet in 2016 so far, so rather than waiting for it to come out of it’s shell/hibernation/the closest of musical obscurity, I’ve decided to list a couple EPs that deserves some extra attention. It’s almost like I’ve got a series dedicated to talking about good albums or something. Almost.

Silly Things by HelloHavard | I have been waiting for this to be released since last September when these two chaps dropped a couple nuggets of pop thunder onto my lap. HelloHavard are a Canadian band that offers a blended mix of pop, rock and punk to provide a smoothly produced sound that cannot fail to sip a smile on your pretty little face. Silly Things offers five tracks of sugary sweet pop goodness that’s complete with hooks upon hooks upon hooks, catchy instrumentals and a groove that grooves continuously. It’s great, and also not released until the 19th so you’ll have to take my word for it. Check out Trappers

Grime Is Punk by Sonny Green | There’s nothing like getting rid of all the sugar in your mouth than with some gritty, gritty grime. Sonny Green is a 21 year old who’s responsible for laying down some fiery bars full of thunderous hooks and lyricism that illustrates a lot of the frustration that swells within the average young person of today. His debut EP Grime Is Punk is set for release on the 13th and it is full of exciting instruments and lyrics that hit hard – it’s superb. Check out lead single Bars

Savage Times Vol. 1 by Hanni El Khatib | I stumbled across this beauty on Spotify two weeks ago and have been digging it since. Hanni El Khatib’s Savage Times Vol. 1 is the singer-songwriter’s first release since last year’s Moonlight and well, it’s really good. It’s three tracks of a sound that mixes up elements of punk, rock, blues and experimental and the result is a listening experience that’s equal parts enjoyable and simply terrifying. From the opening swing of Baby’s Ok, the unreal ferocity of Born Brown and the upbeat outlook of mortality on closing track Gonna Die Alone, this EP is certainly worth checking out. It’s savage.

Dog Party Call by Hoggs Bison | Hoggs Bison are a new band from Bristol and their debut EP Dog Party Call is an interesting spiral into the world of math/art rock. If you’re a fan of instrumentals that scatter their elements all over the place before returning to one particular hook/melody then definitely give this a listen. It’s an EP that’s going to mess with your head, but the tight performances of this new band are definitely one to applaud. Nice work lads.

The Kasbah Experience by Babylon K | Italian band Babylon K have dropped their second EP and as well as having a badass title cover, it’s also become one of my favourites of 2016. These guys perform a kind of deep-rooted, gritty rock music that comes across as absolutely sinister. Opening track Lysergic Surgery lays down all the rules and guidelines, and the rest of the material takes you on a journey that’s terrifying but oh so satisfying. It’s kind of like how I imagine the hospital in Silent Hill would play music.

So there we are! Five EPs that are surely going to give you a good time. Let me know what you thought of them by leaving a comment below, or via the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook and Twitter pages.

2 thoughts on “Check Out These EPs (They’re Really Good)

  1. I especially like The Kasbah Experience, not to mention your great description of their music. Babylon K’s music has a bit of an 80’s punk rock vibe that’s still current and fresh. “Lysergic Surgery” and “Psych 2” are awesome tracks, but they’re all stellar.


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