Hot New Bands / #4 / Consolers

Welcome to HOT NEW BANDS. This is a seriesConsolers - Astronaut Babies where every Wednesday I talk about a band that has been tickling my fancy lately. One of my favourite things about being a music reviewer is being able to listen to brand new bands and get excited about what they’re bringing to my eardrums, so this series is all about showcasing their talent and to help them get their sound out to a wider audience. I’ve featured three artists previously – No Hot Ashes, NARCS and Kassassin Street – and am excited to follow it up with the fourth addition to the series – Consolers!

Consolers is a three piece band from Hamburg (a pretty cool place in Germany) and soon they will be releasing their new EP titled Astronaut Babies later on this year. Their sound is a mellow blend of Mac DeMarco-esque jangly guitar pop and the slightly lo-fi chill of Mazes, therefore creating material that surely warrants needing to check out. The only taste we’ve received from the upcoming EP is the track Harry, which will be released on April 27th by indie label Diffus Tapes.

Harry is a track which details the above description perfectly. Kicking things off with a simple guitar melody that’s boosted by a thick wall of upbeat basslines, Consolers drawl their way through the airways by performing some sunny guitar riffs alongside a drumbeat that remains tight but funky throughout. Eventually some psychedelic elements meander their way into the track, often giving the clean pop sound a slightly fuzzier sheen, but it does help add another interesting dimension to it.

It’s a bright, sunny tune that makes for some easy listening but does showcase Consolers’ ability to throw all kinds of riffs, twists and turns into the mix to not only keep things fresh but to also show off the band’s confidence in shaking things up. These guys could be about to drop the perfect EP for the summer if Harry is anything to go by, and I look forward to hearing it.


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