Hot New Bands / #3 / Kassassin Street

Kassassin Street - Hand In My PocketWelcome to HOT NEW BANDS. This is a series where every Wednesday I talk about a band
that has been tickling my fancy lately. One of my favourite things about being a music reviewer is being able to listen to brand new bands and get excited about what they’re bringing to my eardrums, so this series is all about showcasing their talent and to help them get their sound out to a wider audience. I’ve featured two artists previously – No Hot Ashes and NARCS – and am excited to follow it up with the third addition to the series – Kassassin Street!

Kassassin Street is a band from Portsmouth comprised of five guys who perform a sound that’s an interesting mix of indie, psychedelic and dance genres to deliver something that gets you dancing but also headbanging, so some sort of aggressive flaunting. Plus with the lyricism in their material often talking about wrapping tentacles around people’s limbs and new single Hand In My Pocket heading in a more political direction, it makes for the nicest headache ever. They’ve received quite a bit of buzz over the past year thanks to the releases of singles To Be Young and Radio Silence, as well as their Radio Silence EP being rather good too. Radio Silence was the first song I heard after stumbling across it on a random Spotify playlist, thank you Spotify.

The new single Hand In My Pocket is an excellent track that reveals the band exploring their sound a little bit, taking things into a further destination where the danceable grooves are thick with textured rhythms and a deep-rooted bassline that sticks firmly to it’s guns alongside the politically charged lyricism which certainly helps add some extra vinegar to the words. Kassassin Street have certainly been able to prove that they can indeed produce something topical while maintaining the spine of their sound, and their willingness to change things up just a little bit with the heavier vibe means that they’re surely going to be able to continue to surprise us throughout their career.

Personally I’m hoping to hear more from Kassassin Street this year. This new single is my new favourite of theirs and if they continue to head down a more groove-focused route I would definitely want to hear more of that. A debut album this year would be great in the midst of all this hype and excitement, and they certainly have all the tools to achieve big things. What do you think of Kassassin Street? Are there any other bands out there you feel should make it on to Hot New Bands? Let me know below!

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