You + Me by New York Tourists \ Album Review

WHEN: 08.04.2016New York Tourists - You and Me
WHERE: Native Music Ltd

New York Tourists is a four piece band and this is their debut album You + Me. I’ve been looking forward to this album for quite some time now and I’m so glad it’s finally here. Since hearing the excellent single Call last year I have been hooked by the quartet’s knack for combining all kinds of elements to make this case of Alternative Rock sound funky. Let’s get dancing.

Colours kicks off the record with a palm muted guitar intro and bassline which looms amongst the darkness to add a pretty murky atmosphere before the vocals kick in and the drums lay down a groove that hits hard. New York Tourists then pack this with melodies and a huge amount of distorted riffs, backing vocals and reverb to open up the track into this grand behemoth that delivers one heck of a stonking chorus. Nice work. Fear follows suit with a poppy beginning that embeds numerous vocal hooks and catchy guitar melodies which gets the eardrums swinging straight away. It’s a great little tune complete with upbeat indie melodies and another solid groove that’s rigid in its quest to get those hips shakin’

This groove continues to stick around as tracks such as Adrenaline and Two Heartbeats benefit greatly from their catchy drums as it allows them to head down a heavier route or a much more sombre, slower approach which in turn allows You + Me to become a more varied listen. The band have done a great job at keeping steady on one element throughout their record but have made sure that all the other elements have the freedom to explore different tempos and moods. It’s good.

My personal favourite has to be A Kick In The Teeth. This track is a thunderous number with a high octane guitar riff and an attitude that hits you like a well, a kick in the teeth. The vocals are frantic and very Raconteurs-y, and the instruments are allowed to let loose in a manner we haven’t witnessed just yet. It’s a great listen, and certainly helps add some much needed urgency to the backend of the record.

Overall You + Me is a superb record from New York Tourists. It comes complete with a sound that has been honed and tweaked over the years and is displayed fully with a confidence that signals some pretty big balls. These guys are going to be one for the future, a great record. What do you think of New York Tourists? Did you like this record? Let me know below!


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