Last Colour by Lifecycle \ EP Review

WHEN: 21.03.2016Lifecycle - Last Colour
WHERE: Ricochet Records

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Last night I watched Season 3 of Rugrats on Netflix and it left me with the sense of uneasiness due to the mundane storylines and the slightly eerie jarring of the characters’ mouths. Another blast from the past came from an email I received not too long ago regarding today’s band – Lifecycle. Way back in 2014 I reviewed their debut album Lino Cosmos and this was referenced by the sender which I thought was so sweet. Anyway, Lifecycle like to go to town on the tribal/dance genre and this is their new EP Last Colour. You better get into this, because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

With a genre like Tribal/Dance you should obviously be expecting to hear something awesome, and this is exactly what Lifecycle deliver here with Last Colour. New Tribe kicks things off with a subtle intro before swinging an absolute roundhouse of steel-cap thunder right into your mush with a thick dose of powerful drumming and percussive glory which is paired up alongside some swelling synths and just…wow. If your jaw’s not thirty feet from you by the midway point of this track then you’re clearly a jellyfish, or something else that doesn’t have any bone structure.

This energetic, thunderous sound bleeds into following track Gekko which utilises a lot of rough guitar riffs that offer up a much more distorted sound alongside the constantly rolling percussion. Lifecycle throw down sweet, desert-rock-esque guitar licks throughout this track and it just sounds excellent. Superb stuff.

Tempo is allowed to cool down just a tad with the track Oblivious, which offers up an instrumental that is washed with easy going synthesisers and vocals that breathe their way through the airwaves. The percussion is as always present in a bold way back is held back just enough for the track to not become another round of heavy hitting drums. Single Mustard Memory takes things down a more psychedelic route, with a stark lead melody making way for some more desert-rock-esque guitar riffs which adds a whole lot of sand to the record. It’s great.

Last Colour is a fantastic EP from Lifecycle. The tribal-dance genre never gets tired nor does it get tiring. The band have done a brilliant job at maintaining a constant percussion throughout the record while also ensuring that the sound doesn’t become too similar by changing up the tempo and incorporating all kinds of synths and guitars to contribute riffs and sections that immediately change things up. Easily one of the best EPs I’ve heard this year, good stuff. What did you think of Last Colour? Is this your first taste of the Tribal/Dance genre? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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