Donuts by Beach \ Track Review

WHEN: 25.03.2016Beach - Donuts

Sometimes it’s necessary for people to turn a little bit bizarre for a couple weeks or so. I’ve had friends who have taken a funny turn for a while before returning back to their normal selves as if nothing happened. I’ve done it a couple times myself, whether that’s from making sure to eat pizza once a week for 3 months or that time I volunteered to not shower when I was in Amsterdam, and I will never live down the 2 weeks I was super into Carly Rae Jepsen.

Beach is perhaps a band that’s currently in the midst of their Carly Rae Jepsen phase as their new single Donuts indicates certain signs that they’ve heard the Canadian treasure’s E-MO-TION (it is a great album to be fair.). They’re a five piece band from Dublin and well, bizarre is the only word you can use to describe Donuts.

Beginning with a vocal performance that sounds spaced off and way off in the distance, Beach lay down a simple rhythm section on top of the vocals which actually sounds kind of funky, allowing things to build some sort of structure to the track. The structure is then torn down instantly as the band deliver a guitar riff that just sounds so out of place, so off-kilter that it actually kinda…fits. By this point the mind begins to wonder how it ended up in this torture chamber but somehow Beach makes it work. The vocals convert into this hellish descent towards insanity which pairs up nicely with the guitars and the drums and by the end you’re just left wondering what the hell just happened in the last three minutes.

Donuts is a strange, strange song and is one that definitely requires a couple listens and perhaps a bit of self-loathing too. Insane song, but the way Beach converts all these parts into one self-destructing unit is pretty cool. What did you think of Donuts? Are you okay? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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