Hot New Bands / #2 / NARCS

Welcome to a brand new series called Hot New Bands! Yes this is probably a staple of all other music websites and blogs out there right now but with the amount of submissions received and connections made over the last three years of trying to write coherent sentences about good music I thought it was about time for me to jump on the bandwagon too. It’s an idea that’s pretty self-explanatory – this is all about showcasing some of the best new talents currently producing music at this very moment. You may have seen various reviews of losing my shit over a certain band so now I wish to make my voidance of literal bowels a little more regular. Once a week I will be writing very fondly of a certain band or artist whose music has tickled my fancy since the start of the year, and hopefully it all collate into one glorious playlist of epic proportions.

The second band to tickle our fancy in a particular way is NARCS. These guys have been on my radar since the beginning of last year thanks to the emergence of the excellent Clue Records. The indie label from Leeds boasts a small but strong roster of bands all determined to bring a new slice of grunge music into our modern times. NARCS are just one out of four bands currently signed to the label at this very moment, but with labelmate Allusondrugs ascending into the mainstream lately it’s surely going to be NARCS’ turn soon.

Having already released their debut album Two Birds, One Stone Later back in 2013 NARCS have been steadily dropping the occasional single over the last three years. The latest offering is a track called Pig which once again reaffirms the band’s ability to deliver some heavy grunge music alongside some pretty perplexing artwork. (Look at that creature!) Thanks to a combination of moody atmospheres, fuzzy bass tones and feedback-drenched guitar riffs NARCS deliver another solid track in the form of Pig. It’s full of melody, harmony and is packed within a vibe that comes across as slightly unsettling, which is textbook NARCS.

Hopefully the release of Pig is a foundation for a second album from NARCS. The last few releases have indicated a deeper dedication to delivering a darker, heavier sound that borrows some elements of hard rock to allow the grunge to shine just a little blacker. As well as this, it would also be great to see some competition arise amongst the Clue Records roster to see who could become the next breakout act between NARCS, Forever Cult and TRASH.


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