Stay True by Mock Suns \ Album Review

WHEN: 08.03.2016Mock Suns - Stay True
WHERE: Good Behaviour Records

Mock Suns are a quartet from Philadelphia and this is their third studio album titled Stay True. Way long ago in the Blogger days I checked out the lead single Friday Night and absolutely fell in love with it. I believe it was the second the piano tune drifted into my lugholes that immediately had me falling for it, and the way it maintained this laid back positivity kept me seduced throughout. Hopefully this level of casual seductiveness sticks around for the duration of this record because then I would be guaranteed to put out tonight.

Fortunately Mock Suns keep a lot of the chilled aesthetics present for the sound of Stay True, staying true (heh) to ensuring that the momentum is steady and isn’t rocked too much by an influx of volume or instruments. The single Nothing Good Comes About Being Out At This Hour follows the same path that Friday Night took by producing an instrumental that’s full of guitars, bass, piano but is spaced out just enough to keep some space between the layers – making sure that none of it ever steps on one another’s toes. This spacious sound makes for some feel good, easy listening and Mock Suns do a great job at making sure it’s fun to listen to. Often throwing in the odd guitar lick or a section that showcases how loud they’re prepared to go with their guitars. It’s good.

This restricted formula is followed to a tee by the band as tracks such as Don’t Wanna Miss You, Dream Drifters and Camelot Arms all come and go without straying too far from the path. They do offer slight favouritism to certain instruments however, with the former offering up some more psychedelic vibes, the middle focusing more on guitar melodies, and the latter going to town on the piano. These slight differences do allow the record to add a sense of variety to the mix, but the strict guidelines on their tempo and momentum keeps everything tightly knitted to each other.

Stay True is a solid little record from Mock Suns. It does a great job at providing music that’s easy to get into and accessible enough for it to not offend anybody’s ears. It would’ve been nice to hear some urgency or moments of volume that built upon the band’s varied arsenal of instruments but what we have been given is certainly pleasant enough. Also there are too many interludes. What did you think of Stay True? Did you like it? Not so like it? Let me know in the comments below!

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