New Waters by Kid North | Album Review

WHEN: 11.03.2015Kid North - New Waters
WHERE: Tsunami Addiction

Kid North is a three piece band from France and this is their new album New Waters. These guys have been tickling the hairs in my ears with their delightful singles Gold and Rip Tide and now the record’s out I’m excited to jam the entire thing into my eardrums. If you’re a fan of sugary sweet pop music mixed with strong electronic elements and even a slight hint of heaviness then I highly recommend that you check this record out.

Gold kicks off the record with a couple synth beats that immediately produces a sunny instrumental and puts a smile on your face. Kid North add to this upbeat intro by throwing a thick layer of sketchy guitars on top which adds some much needed grit which prevents the sound from becoming a little too sweet. The track blossoms into a superb little number as the trio deliver some M83-esque vocals and melodies which accompany the synthesiser sounds perfectly. Geometrical then follows suit by equalling the sunny quota with an instrumental that focuses more on the guitars as the band deliver a sound that’s rooted with indie guitar riffs and basslines that offer a hint of texture and groove to the mix. Great song.

Spirals offers up a more subdued sound with some pulsating bass accompanying the vocals to produce an intro that serves as a nice break from all of the layers and volume. This is short lived as Kid North flood this thing with a section of music that’s all things guitars, synths and drums before returning to the near-silent verse once again. This quiet-loud formula is performed effortlessly and the result is a fantastic sense of holy shit as the finale is a wonderful ascension into the night sky. It sounds gorgeous.

My absolute favourite thing about this record is Kid North’s willingness to change up the tempo, volume, sounds. New Waters is littered with tracks that burst with colourful volume and beautifully crafted sections of music that sounds organic and visceral beyond belief, and it also allows some time for more subdued sounds to perform instrumentals that are delicate but also full of beautiful sounds. The title track is a tremendous example of this, as it ranges from loud to quiet to dancing to beautiful along the course of nearly six minutes. It’s great when a band feels comfortable enough to change up their sound often, and to do it midway through an album just makes for some excellent listening.

New Waters is a fantastic album from Kid North. I absolutely love their willingness to head down every direction to explore and expand their sound into some destinations that play home to some exquisite moments for the record. The trio have delivered everything that could have on this record and the high level of experimentation just ascends it into becoming one of the best records of the year. An excellent, excellent record.


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