Good Albums of 2016 \ Pt 3

SometimesThe Drones - Feelin Kinda Free I receive so many submissions that it becomes overwhelming
to the point laziness kicks in and nothing gets done. As much as I enjoy receiving music from new bands and going “hey this is cool” to you guys it does get difficult to do that inbetween working for the man and maintaining my weekly pizza quota. You might have noticed there’s been a couple “Good Albums” articles posted sporadically this year with a list of albums that have tickled my fancy. This is the third one of the series and the first since I up and left Blogger and migrated on to WordPress. I’ll be adding in some new pages along the tabs bar for the Good Albums series (and some others) soon so yeah, please enjoy! Let me know of any albums you’ve come across this year that are dead good and lets experiencing music together.

Feelin Kinda Fine by The Drones
The Drones have been around for 20 years and still they continue to release some pretty good music. Feelin Kinda Fine is the latest in a long line of solid records and it’s quite possibly my favourite of theirs. The music is so heavy with fuzz, riffs, melodies and harmonies that it’s a listening experience like no other. It takes a Swans approach in producing music that sounds like it hates you but it does offer something a little softer and sweeter than Michael Gira’s band.

If you manage to sit through all of it you will realise that it’s a fantastic album from the Australians. If you’re into the sound of brutal punk, post punk and experimental music then definitely check this out. Superb stuff.

Need Your Light by Ra Ra Riot
And now for the complete opposite. Ra Ra Riot delivered one of the strongest pop albums of the year with Need Your Light. If you’re in the mood for music that simply cuddles the eardrums and gets you feeling good about yourself then by all means check out this record. The material is solid from start to finish and there are a couple tracks that are sweet little pop gems; the opening track Water in particular is a great song.

Keep It Together by Lily & Madeleine
Lily & Madeleine come together once again to deliver another album full of beautiful instrumentals and harmonies that make you feel like you’re in heaven. Earlier this year I fell in love with the track Hourglass and even today I continue to play it non-stop; fortunately the record is just as good too. Combining strings with piano with just a little hint of grit makes for a very well-rounded record. Nice work.

Goldmine by Bombay Harambee
Bombay Harambee are a hard rock band from Toronto who deliver a lot of fast paced material that’s filled to the brim with high octane guitar riffs and so much energy it could kill a small animal. Their new record Goldmine is well, a goldmine of exciting doses of hard rock and punk rock that’s sure to inject a little bit of adrenaline into your day. Get into it.

We Can Do Anything by Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes
are back! I was pleasantly surprised to hear their song played in the excellent Netflix TV show LOVE and was even more surprised to hear this new record of theirs. They take things back to their roots with some energetic lo-fi folk and acoustic tunes complete with simple lyricism and catchy hooks. It’s everything you could want from Violent Femmes at this point. It’s a silly affair but there’s nothing with getting a little silly every now and then.


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