The Sound of Victory by Native Kings | Track Review

WHEN: 26.02.2016Native Kings - Sound of Victory
WHERE: Playing With Sound

Last week I reviewed the debut single by No Hot Ashes which was released by label Playing With Sound. It received a lot of love and attention and it made me really warm and fuzzy inside. The warmness mostly stemmed from PWS retweeting the review and throwing a lot of nice words towards me so today I’m reviewing the new single from another one of their bands Native Kings called The Sound of Victory. So basically, flattery gets you anywhere.

Native Kings are a trio from Liverpool and they’re known for delivering some catchy material thanks to their knack for performing the nicely titled “funky power punk”. This perfectly describes the sound of The Sound of Victory, as its punchy intro is full of bold melodies and a bassline that meanders right into your hips. This soon makes way for some impressive volumes as the band lay down a thick wall of distorted guitars which adds a real sense of grittiness to this groovy little number.

The Sound of Victory is a great track and once again Playing With Sound have given me a reason to really begin to love them and their roster. Native Kings are another band to keep an eye on in 2016 as I can see their funky power punk catching the eardrums of many listeners who might want a little bit of swing to go with their headbanging. Awesome.

What did you think of The Sound of Victory? Should we keep a close eye on Native Kings this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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