Smart Dressed Guy by Gaffa Tape Sandy | Track Review

WHEN: OUT NOWGaffe Tape Sandy - Smart Dressed Guy

Man I really enjoy listening to brand new bands. It’s kinda like when old people smell babies to grab that “fountain of youth” to help disguise the fact that they’re probably high af or something. This is why I’m always complimented on my youthful looking earlobes. Today’s new band is Gaffa Tape Sandy, members of Horse Party and Fortunato who have teamed up to promote a sound that they say is guaranteed to make you punch your best friend in the head. Awesome.

Smart Dressed Guy is the name of their new single and if you’re a fan of jangly riffs and hectic drum beats then this track contains some verses that are bound to get you hooked. The trio pack this tune with all kinds of sections that reveal their talent in producing harmonies, melodies and (my favourite) the high energy guitar riffs that get your best friend knocked out. It’s a real mashup of styles and tempo but Gaffe Tape Sandy make it work very well as they allow the chorus to be a straight up ballsy display of power. It’s good.

B-Side L’appel du Vide is a slightly slower song but soon picks up the pace with another round of fist-flying guitar riffs and high tempo vocal deliveries that round off this single to be one hell of a great debut for Gaffa Tape Sandy. These guys certainly know how to create something good, and both of the songs picked for their debut are very good indeed. Nice work guys.

What do you think of Gaffa Tape Sandy? Have you discovered any new bands? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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