Workout by TRASH | Track Review

WHEN: 05.03.2016TRASH - Workout
WHERE: Clue Records

I’ve got a little bit of a bromance going on with Clue Records. These guys have been responsible for some very exciting acts that have emerged over the last year or so. One of those bands is TRASH, a four piece who’s debut EP Urban Glow sits very proudly on my wall of CDs. The band has very recently released their new single Workout, and it is very good indeed.

TRASH have decided to head towards a poppier route with this new track. Instead of keeping things very murky they have thrown a lot of accessible melody to accompany their traditional formula of performing thick walls of grunge-y guitars. This poppy introduction seeps throughout the rest of the song as simple harmonies are sprinkled on top of some delightful melodies to create a really sweet treat from TRASH. Who knows something so sweet and edible could be inside some TRASH. Workout is a really solid little pop tune and I would be totally fine if the band explored this more accessible sound for future releases. Nice work guys.

What do you think of Workout? Is it a nice change of pace for TRASH? Let me know in the comments below!


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