An Interview With | The Holy Gasp

Welcome to the The Holy Gasp - The Mating Songvery first An Interview With on the brand new Exploding Head Syndrome website! The Holy Gasp blew me away recently with their new single The Mating Song so it was only fitting to bring them back once again to blow m-PHRASING. Enjoy the interview is what I’m trying to say. Let me know what you think of The Holy Gasp and The Mating Song below, and yeah, enjoy!

Hi The Holy Gasp, How’s it going? It’s going great! Thank you so much for having us!

How did you guys form? I put the group together originally as a one-man percussion act, and toured around for about a year like that. When I ran out of ideas, I asked Sebastian Shinwell to make it better, and he did.

Your latest single The Mating Song is really good. How did the song come about? It’s just one of the many marriages of music and words that elope in my imagination. Such things cannot be articulated any better than that.

You mention that the song’s about consensual, complicated fucking. Is there a particular story that happened to a band member that inspired the creation of this track? I don’t know how reasonable it would be for me to publicly delve into the intimate details of my sexual history… The song doesn’t examine one particular incident; rather, it encompasses a general set of feelings around the negotiation of heteronormative sex from the perspective of a male-identified horndog.

Do you think there’s opportunity for the lyrical topic of love to head into a more animalistic, more straight up fucking direction rather than sticking firmly to talking about feelings and holding hands and whatnot? Any Mormon would answer yes. I think lyrical topics face no barriers whatsoever. I also think “feeling and holding hands” are not mutually exclusive with “straight up fucking.” Don’t you ever hold hands and discuss feelings with your lovers?

Is The Mating Song a taste of what to expect from future releases from you guys? A taste, yes, but there are many surprises yet to come.

What have The Holy Gasp got planned for 2016? Touring and writing. Lots and lots of touring and writing.

Finally, if you had to bring this interview to a close with an elusive little comment, what would it be? I’m inspired as of late by this profound lobster anecdote by Rabbi Dr.  Abraham Twerski. Perhaps your readers will derive a similar pleasure from it:

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