Goose by No Hot Ashes | Track Review

WHEN: 23.02.2016
WHERE: Playing With Sound

Sometimes the music industry is like a game of Chinese whispers. There are some artists that allow me to pass on the whisper by recommending their song or album or whatever and sometimes there aren’t. One of the coolest things about getting involved in the game is that occasionally you could pass on the next big thing. I’ve had moments where I’ve been able to whisper about Girl Friend, M+A, Viola Beach (RIP) and today the game is going to continue because hey, you should probably check out No Hot Ashes.

No Hot Ashes are a four piece from Stockport and this is their debut single Goose. Combining elements of funk rock with hip hop this track has all the tools to get that big debut buzz going. It’s complete with danceable basslines, funky guitar riffs and a drumbeat that does not know when to quit, altogether fusing an instrumental that brings out some dancefloor shapes and jams them right into the holes of the indie genre. It’s awesome, and you should probably pass this on.

Stream Goose below and I’m sure you’re going to be hearing more about No Hot Ashes soon. Great track, very promising band. What did you think of this record? Do you agree or disagree with today’s review? Let me know your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment below and I’ll greatly appreciate it!


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