Intricate Maps by The Multiple Cat | Album Review

WHEN: 12.02.2016The Multiple Cat - Intricate Maps
WHERE: Cartouche Records

The Multiple Cat is a long running project of Daytrotter founder Pat Stolley and this is it’s fifth studio album Intricate Maps. My relationship with cats over my 22 (and a half) years of existence has remained pretty positive. I have had 5 feline roommates in that time and 80% of them were really nice, the other 20% not so much. She was called Meg and she was an absolute nightmare, and would absolutely not mind clawing your legs to death. Thanks Meg.

Back on topic, Intricate Maps kicks off with the song Maps which is an easy going introduction into a world that offers some danceable basslines and guitar scratches which creates an instrumentation that makes you wanna get your claws out and dancing. It’s a real steady slice of some accessible indie music, and The Multiple Cat do a great job packing it with some additional percussion, power chords and vocal hooks to really help get Intricate Maps off to a good start. This is followed by the track David which features a stomping rhythm which knocks the listener into swaying to its beat while also adding a touch of melody to the mix which collides nicely with the soft, breathy vocals.

One element to note is the tempo of the record. Intricate Maps is a very pleasant listening experience that could soundtrack a casual stroll along the coast perfectly. The Multiple Cat seem content with keeping their material firmly within a mid-paced tempo which allows tracks such as Green Ice to deliver all of its nice percussive sounds and The Lovers upbeat sounds within any sense of urgency. It’s nice.

Intricate Maps is an album full of great instrumentals that use a lot of catchy riffs to immediately sink into the listener’s head. The Multiple Cat create a calm atmosphere which allows all of the riffs to be heard amongst the melodies and harmonies they also add to the sound too, all in all producing a sound that requires little effort to listen and little difficulty to enjoy. It’s a nice record.

What did you think of this record? Do you agree or disagree with today’s review? Let me know your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment below and I’ll greatly appreciate it!


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